IJK – “High Tide”

IJK – “High Tide” – Music Video Release/Review Back in fine form, yessir – it’s been about two years since we last featured Lebanese artist IJK on our pages and it’s always awesome to hear a comeback that warrants our attention.  Through a vibrant combination of hooks and a solid mix of Pop/Funk/Rock creating a […]Read More

IJK – “Dancing Shadows”

IJK – “Dancing Shadows” – Single Review It’s never a bad thing when 77306 people overwhelmingly agree on something.  Currently that’s where the hit-count stands on the release of the latest single “Dancing Shadows” by Imad Jack Karam, aka IJK.  What you’ll also see are a whole ton of thumbs pointing straight-up to support it…and […]Read More

IJK – “Space Odyssey”

IJK – “Space Odyssey” – Single Review Hey North America…sit up and pay attention for a second or two will ya?  Actually…let’s take at least 4:11 of your time while you check out this song and read the review…that’d be even better and probably prove to be helpful in understanding the points I’m trying to […]Read More

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