Heckle And Jeckle – “Take Me Away”

 Heckle And Jeckle – “Take Me Away”

We all got history homies…sometimes it just takes a while to find the right time to get it out there the right way.

Back in…oh what was it…somewhere around the beginning of 2018 if I’m not mistaken, we were introduced to a serious character in the Rap game – the one & only Racci AK – while we checked out a series of singles he was droppin’ that year, which included “MBMAH,” “All N Da Mix,” and “Correct” – all received quite well over here on this side of the screen & speakers, because hey, let’s be real here – the man’s always been solid on the m-i-c.  Still…you run into these characters, musicians, and larger-than-life personalities like Racci AK throughout the years in doing what I do…the right ones always make a memorable impact – I haven’t forgotten this dude remotely, even though it’s been a minute since we featured his music on these pages of ours.  Today we learn, perhaps there’s been an extremely valid reason for that absence…Racci AK – aka Ashy Knuckles – has been preppin’ new material with his homeboy Johnny Blk Reese rockin’ with him – and they’re ready to start droppin’ these cuts up on ya through the official 4PACK Ent. Music Group as Heckle And Jeckle, beginning with “Take Me Away.”

The point I’m making in bringing up the past to start this out is for two reasons.  One being, thematically, “Take Me Away” brilliantly dives into the personal history of both emcees on their bars, which instantly stacks up perfectly into a cut that rocks serious vibes you can’t help but feel.  The other being…that the singles we knew from Racci AK in the past, while all good times & great rhymes…well…let’s just say somewhere deep down I suppose we all knew – himself included – that there was still much more in the tank to bring out.  And that’s exactly what he’s tapped into now as Heckle And Jeckle – that next level.

First of all, c’mon now y’all…you start up “Take Me Away” and immediately as the credits start rollin’ out, you feel like you should be paying some major attention to what’s gonna go down once they stop.  Smart way to get this experience rollin’ and have everyone watching & listening – it sure worked on me!  Soon after, you’ll see these veterans of the game in action, right there onscreen complete with their own swag representin’ the 415, and bars that reveal tons of insight into what’s made them into the men & artists they are today.  Powerful words are spit into the mic as they trade verses around the stellar hooks, sleek design, and atmosphere added into the music of this new cut – and going the personal route…putting yourself right into your music makes it mean something so much more than just having another great single to bump, you feel me?  You go this route, you start creating material that holds up boldly over time & never goes stale – correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what we’re all in this for, right?

By joining forces and digging into the roots of their past, this duo proves ready for the future to follow.  They look badass, they sound fantastic individually & each emcee’s performance complements the other to create one absolutely tight experience, filled with insightful social commentary and personal tales.  “Facts is facts yo” – Heckle And Jeckle have delivered on their end and handled their business with charisma and confidence when it’s their time to shine on “Take Me Away” – bring personality to the mic and thought-provoking words to be considered.  Not only have the put together a solid video to support it, chosen extremely wisely with the beat & sample of this song, and put in a performance to be proud of – but from the sounds of the heavy themes & vibes of “Take Me Away” hitting so hard on such a real level – you’d have to assume that Heckle And Jeckle are making the music they’ve always wanted to since they got into this whole Rap game.  It’s always awesome to hear artists & bands find their way to where they truly belong – and the strength, talent, and commitment shared between Heckle And Jeckle on “Take Me Away” is complete confirmation they’re right in the spotlight now where they should be.

These two have got the JUICE…and I’d expect we’ll all be hearing more from Heckle And Jeckle real soon.  Until then, find more music from the 4PACK Ent. Music Group at the official channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8_-BkF7BkVHULEtJjKngww

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