Dan Sonenberg – Mint Explosion

Dan Sonenberg – Mint Explosion – EP Review “It was a time of great hope, with media proclaiming a ‘return to normality,’ restaurants reopening, and folks beginning to unmask…” Oh trust me my man…they’ve done nothing but unmask.  Whether they’re doing the right things physically or not I have no idea – but there’s no […]Read More

Come Taste The Misery – House Of Silence

Come Taste The Misery – House Of Silence – EP Review What the… …what IS all this? You’re telling me that, from the time we posted up “Wrong Side Of Heaven” back in the summer of 2020 – in what’s basically been a year & three months since, Come Taste The Misery has pretty much […]Read More

Polyphonic Exophilia – Vol. 2

Polyphonic Exophilia – Vol. 2 – EP Review It’s all about the music, man. “All members of the PPXP maintains anonymity to sustain a pure focus on the music and preserve a degree of artistic leeway without any unintended disturbance from the members other careers and/or previous genre-specific releases.”  #FairEnough #Respect Sure thing y’all…I’ve got […]Read More

Zalex – Hindsight

Zalex – Hindsight – EP Review Ahhhh Zalex…you and I are gonna get along just fine. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I listen to a ton of music – but those that know me best, know it’s always going to be the projects, bands, and artists out there that have an exceptional grip […]Read More

JStreet – Welcome To My Street

JStreet – Welcome To My Street – EP Review We’re checkin’ out JStreet’s debut EP here today.  If you didn’t know the man was still just gettin’ his career rollin’ and puttin’ his music out there for the first time based on how he sounds like he’s been rockin’ the mic with confidence for some […]Read More

Darrin Lee Jr. – Push

Darrin Lee Jr. – Push – EP Review No pressure quite like the pressure of the CEO of a label stepping up to drop new music out there – gotta lead the way by example, right? At least that’s what you’d assume – but they don’t call him Mr. R&B for nothin’ y’all – Darrin […]Read More

Good Luck Valiant – The Darkness

Good Luck Valiant – The Darkness – EP Review I remember when my old man went to an editor for the first time, ready to start his writing career.  He walked in, he sat down, the dude said alright, gimme your pitch, to which my dad started out with, “you see, I’ve got this trilogy […]Read More

Kootenay & Co. – Damaged Goods – Collaborative EP

Kootenay & Co. – Damaged Goods – Collaborative EP – EP Review Exciting times, exciting times. If you’ve been reading about the music of Kootenay & Co. here on our pages through our posting on the single “Far & Long Gone,” or read our interview with this project’s main centerpiece Jordan Kootenay from earlier this […]Read More

NFG TAH – Masha Ta

NFG TAH – Masha Ta – EP Review Hustle-up NFG TAH – it’s time to get movin.’ Don’t get me wrong…I’m not sayin’ she doesn’t have her social media pages up & ready to roll…maybe she does – but at the moment, all I know is I can’t find’em.  So either we’ve got mad work […]Read More

Era’Nay – Elevate

Era’Nay – Elevate – EP Review Ay yo!  Royalty up on our pages here y’all – pay attention! Some of you might already know her, some of you were just introduced to this artist through the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, and there’s perhaps still a few of you out there just learning her […]Read More

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