Moon And Aries – BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)

Moon And Aries – BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One) – EP Review I know I’ve said this a few times lately, but it’s amazing how little time has actually passed, yet how it feels like an entire lifetime has gone by this year.  Like – I remember the name & music of Moon And Aries…but […]Read More

Wayward Waves – Realm Of Lustre

Wayward Waves – Realm Of Lustre – EP Review Justine Painter, you my friend, are a true inspiration. What a kickass story behind this amazing music!  Imagine spending your days as a C.F.O., or some other kind of office job for years and years as a career, wondering if maybe, just maybe, you were cut […]Read More

benj – That’s A Wonderful Idea

benj – That’s A Wonderful Idea – EP Review Bring on the sub-genres!  Call this Digicore…call it Hyper-Pop…call it Alternative…call it straight-up Indie, Lofi, Emo, or whatever ya like as far as I’m concerned – just give That’s A Wonderful Idea a listen or two – dude’s like benj deserve the support for their immense […]Read More

Wingspeak – College St.

Wingspeak – College St. – EP Review The upbeat vibe & carefree sound of Wingspeak reminds me a lot of one of our favorite names around these pages of ours…Jana Pochop…or her band as onetwothreescream…you’ll get what I’m talkin’ about once you have a listen to the College St. EP.  There’s a bunch of things […]Read More

Radio Drive – One Breath Away

Radio Drive – One Breath Away – EP Review I remember when I first started showing my wife the music from the catalog of tunes I put together over the years, and she’d ask me about this song or that song as we’d listen, wondering about what the titles might be…I’d tell her to listen […]Read More

Richard Tyler Epperson – A Wandering Mind

Richard Tyler Epperson – A Wandering Mind – EP Review Heads UP y’all…I’ve got that good ol’ pre-release info for ya, and Richard Tyler Epperson’s upcoming 2023 record in advance on my playlists already…figured I might share a lil’ something with ya and let you in on what I’m hearing!  Why?  Well, because I’m EXCITED […]Read More

Love Is A Chorus – Then I Met You

Love Is A Chorus – Then I Met You – EP Review Now don’t get me wrong…I know the heart of this project known as Love Is A Chorus resides in singer/songwriter Jonathan – I’m just sayin’ I absolutely love the way this record begins with a subtly dramatic instrumental, “Intro (Then I Met You).”  […]Read More

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs – EP Review Perhaps there are some of you out there that remember this bizarre oddity from our music-scene – it was only back at the end of April this year that we first ran into K-ORA and reviewed the single “Sphere 2020” here on our pages…that ain’t too long ago, […]Read More

Giant Silent World – Giant

Giant Silent World – Giant – EP Review Music from a source we know we can trust?  How the heck did ya end up here? Giant Silent World is comprised of two dudes…you’ve got Christopher Smith on the mic, and a previous nominee for our Best New Sound of the year in Pete Gustard makin’ […]Read More

Daw-ling – Love And Dancing

Daw-ling – Love And Dancing – EP Review “The band formed in 2020 and obviously, everything that started in 2020 is a Sexy Laugh Riot.”  #Apt THIS is the way to get an EP started on ALL the right notes – “Love And Dancing” is as enticing as a gateway tune can be, and just […]Read More