Glenn Murawski – Posterity Wanes

Glenn Murawski – Posterity Wanes – EP Review At this point I’m sure this man needs no introduction to you readers of our pages…Glenn Murawski has been letting loose the tunes all year long, and in fact, if you look just a few frames over to the right of this very review on our main […]Read More

3 Trillion – Dumpster Fire

3 Trillion – Dumpster Fire – EP Review Fuck yeah. You know, back in our days in British Columbia, this dude and I would sit around SBS and talk about music for hours on end.  When I first met young Brandon Kahl, the man behind the music of 3 Trillion, this project wasn’t even remotely […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Absolver

Glenn Murawski – Absolver – EP Review Maybe it just hit me at the right time…maybe it was a set of sounds I needed to hear more than I knew or realized I did…whatever it was, whatever the reasons may be, “Aesthetic Consonance” felt like a perfect moment in time as the new EP from […]Read More

Jernej Zoran – Deuce

Jernej Zoran – Deuce – EP Review If this dude isn’t on your radar and on your playlists by now, he certainly should be. Personally, I first heard Jernej Zoran’s music when I reviewed the album Gotcha! under the name of Ivansson…that was when I learned all about the Slovenian guitarist and discovered what an […]Read More

Evil Twin – Evil Twin

Evil Twin – Evil Twin – EP Review Proceed with caution dear listeners, dear friends…the power generated by the music of Evil Twin can be one seriously hellish shock to the system if you’re not prepared for it – you’ve been warned!  Clearly there’s something solid happening over there at Memory Bank Records; not only […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Clear Away

Glenn Murawski – Clear Away – EP Review Now here’s a refreshing start to a record!  Things are sounding atmospherically sweet on Glenn’s latest EP, with the sparkling design of its title-track “Clear Away” lighting-up with inspired sound right off the bat.  Solid start for sure…which is to be expected somewhat by now when it […]Read More

Hooyoosay – Strange, Elusive You

Hooyoosay – Strange, Elusive You – EP Review There’s no doubt that Hooyoosay has found its niche in music…it’s downright rare to experience tunes with as much enthusiasm & positivity as you’ll find in what this project creates.  You’ll remember the quirky way Hooyoosay approaches music one way or another.  Believe me folks, I speak […]Read More

Neon Radiation – Synthwave EP II: Marked Man

Neon Radiation – Synthwave EP II: Marked Man – EP Review Gary Blake is definitely having his most productive year to-date in his project Neon Radiation, no doubt about that.  With the sheer amount of singles, songs, and records he’s put out in 2019, I can’t imagine that anyone following along with his music would […]Read More

Jordan Paul – Night Moon

Jordan Paul – Night Moon – EP Review I really owe this man a beer. I owe several people beers this year. That’s really the way 2019 went for me here at SBS, I ain’t gonna lie to ya, and I ain’t lyin’ to artist Jordan Paul either.  Believe it or not, when I’m behind […]Read More

Richie Tipton – Basin In The Rock

Richie Tipton – Basin In The Rock – EP Review Reaching back in time here!  I tells ya…sometimes artists/bands need a poke in the ribs to remind them of what they’re supposed to be doing with their lives…which is…you know…that whole making of the music thing.  Basin In The Rock by Richie Tipton came out […]Read More

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