Alias Wayne – “Chaperon”

 Alias Wayne – “Chaperon”

Alias Wayne – “Chaperon” – Single Review

Interesting!  Obviously the cover art suggests our hero Alias Wayne has been joined by Alias Jayne somewhere on this single…though I’m not sure if this is as the inspiration or actual inspiration.  I can see social media posts that indicate “Chaperon” is the “final single from my recent BAND OF RANDYS release” – which is indeed a split-single, and not another side project from solo artist Ranzel X Kendrick, who is the dude at the center of this band Alias Wayne.  I can see a copy of it online with a couple tracks on its playlist…neither of them seem to be “Chaperon.”  Everybody still with me?  Goin’ through all this information makes it sound like I should take a roll-call, yet it all circles back to Ranzel at the heart of it.  The real truth is that we’re all in the same boat essentially…sometimes we know all the ingredients in the mix, sometimes we don’t – at the end of the day, I’m just here to tell ya about the tasty tunes I find.

Ranzel’s always had a gift for making music that’s connects quickly, and he’s almost always achieved the impact he makes with fairly minimal ingredients.  Sparkling acoustic guitars, maybe some percussion like you’ll find here on “Chaperon,” and if he’s feelin’ frisky, maybe he’ll add a little more for ya like the personality you’ll find in the keys added to this tune.  Other than that, the man works his magic by ensuring that his performances & production is always on-point & professional, and safely relying on the innate charm he has.  Every time I end up listening to something this dude does, which I have several times throughout the years here on our pages, I always feel mesmerized by the easygoing vibes he creates and come out feeling like Ranzel’s got a really good life carved out for himself in behind the scenes.  If the theme of “Chaperon” & the artwork that comes along with it are any indication, I’d reckon that’s likely the truth…and ultimately, I feel like this guy could roll right out of bed and fall onto a song.  I dig artists out there in this scene that can really make you believe they eat, sleep, and breathe music; this dude has always struck me as the kind of man that’s found his way off the grid to live life as it should be.  It’s the organic & natural sound of Alias Wayne & all of what Ranzel creates that resonates so much.

As reliable as ever, “Chaperon” is pretty straightforward in the sense that, if you dig what Alias Wayne does or what Ranzel comes up with, it’s safe to say you’re on solid ground and somewhat know what to expect.  He’s givin’ ya more of what you love here, and rightly so – he’s got his thing & signature style of laidback vibes goin’ on, and I’d wager a guess that he’s far from done exploring the depths of all it has to offer.  Heck – there’s a real good chance Kendrick will outlive us all, and be the last man standing on the beaches of Costa Rica rocking his acoustic guitar.  At the very least, there’s something genuinely timeless about the music he makes and how remarkably accessible it all is…how willingly we listen to him sing & play…he’s got the kind of authentic X-factor you really can’t teach, it’s just a part of Ranzel’s own DNA.  People tend to regard the ‘X-factor’ as having to be this big, overblown, sensationalized thing when it comes to music & entertainment…but that’s never been the case in reality.  In reality, it’s artists like our friend Ranzel here, who have the ability to captivate an entire room full of listeners with a simple guitar & his voice…the artists that can’t help but stand out for all the right reasons, no matter how subtle the vibe may be.  “Chaperon” is a stellar example of all of what I’m tellin’ ya about Ranzel in action…the man really doesn’t make mistakes when it comes time to push record and he makes the most of every second you hear by ensuring the ingredients he’s using in the recipe give the sauce that extra lovin’ it deserves.  It’s pleasant, it’s inviting, it’s sweet, and it’s as natural & easygoing as a tune can be – Alias Wayne does it again with “Chaperon” & delivers mellow entertainment that remains as relentlessly addictive as ever.

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