Alias Wayne – “Name Of Love”

Alias Wayne – “Name Of Love” – Single Review You know what I appreciate at this stage of my career, and/or listening to music in general? I appreciate not really having to think about things at all. Lemme explain.  As much as I try not to read what others are writing about music and whatnot, […]Read More

Alias Wayne – “Love One Another”

Alias Wayne – “Love One Another” – Single Review “No one puts Baby in the corner.” No one puts Jer @ SBS in one either.  I see you Ranzel X Kendrick…I know what you’re up to over there.  Loading up a song like “Love One Another” with sentiment & sweetness we should all just readily […]Read More

Alias Wayne – “Chaperon”

Alias Wayne – “Chaperon” – Single Review Interesting!  Obviously the cover art suggests our hero Alias Wayne has been joined by Alias Jayne somewhere on this single…though I’m not sure if this is as the inspiration or actual inspiration.  I can see social media posts that indicate “Chaperon” is the “final single from my recent […]Read More

Alias Wayne – FAVS

Alias Wayne – FAVS – Album Review I mean…straight-up, a greatest hits record is an excellent way to make a first impression.  Welcome to our pages Alias Wayne!  Any band or artist that wants to start out an album with an idea & performance as strong as you’ll find FAVS opens with, is welcome here […]Read More