Month: <span>October 2022</span>

Black Leather Birds – “Sleep Now With Your Fish”

Black Leather Birds – “Sleep Now With Your Fish” – Single Review Some things in life just make sense.  Cookies & milk.  Star Wars prequels.  Bread & butter.  Mall Santas… …Black Leather Birds showing up around Halloween with a new single to haunt your speakers & screens. It’s comforting when things find the right place […]Read More

Stephon Foster – “Drown”

Stephon Foster – “Drown” – Single Review I give credit where credit is due, always.  Stephon Foster has tried an incredible amount of things in the course of her career to-date…or at the very least, since I started listening back in 2018.  To a degree, her story has really been one of an artist searching […]Read More

Rob Sielski – “Drive”

Rob Sielski – “Drive” – Single Review The question was posed to me, not too long ago, in all-caps – “IS THIS THE SONG OF THE YEAR?” I’ll be real with ya, as I always am…Rob actually makes a really good case for that being possible. While I can never speak for the masses altogether, […]Read More

Fever Moon – Keepers Park

Fever Moon – Keepers Park – Album Review Been looking forward to tellin’ ya about this record…Fever Moon has got some great things goin’ on.  Looks like this project/band based out of Tokyo has been extra active if you’re looking at their pages like Bandcamp online, where you’ll find they’ve got not only Keepers Park […]Read More

Kabir Sheikh – Scared New World

Kabir Sheikh – Scared New World – Album Review No surprise to me – this dude rocks a solid solo album. I’ve listened to Kabir’s music plenty in the past, though always through his band The Silver Bayonets.  I liked what I had heard before…I think like most people in this world, I had my […]Read More

Marshall Oakman – “She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman”

Marshall Oakman – “She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman” – Single Review Alrighty Marshall…I remember how things went the last time around and how you were able to get me onboard through the execution and musicianship of the single I was reviewing, called “At The Boiling Point” from back in 2021 – that’s all still […]Read More

Mad Hugs – Mad Hugs

Mad Hugs – Mad Hugs – Album Review “…just a good instrumental album to get faded to or what not.” Ahem.  I’ll be the judge of that, thank you very much. *Crrrrrraaaaaaaaack Looks like it’s been a busy year for Mad Hugs…errr…more like months that is, from what it looks like online.  This is the […]Read More

Luke Brown – Rain

Luke Brown – Rain – Album Review Word on the street is that this record was originally made a couple years back, but just dropped online into the world here in 2022 – so what you’re hearing from Luke Brown is actually a reflection of where it all started…the past of his beginnings echoing right […]Read More

Vertacyn Arc Materializer – “Nicotine Chewing Gum”

Vertacyn Arc Materializer – “Nicotine Chewing Gum” – Single Review Oh you know me…just doing what I do, reviewing music & seeing what’s out there in the scene like I always do whilst contemplating my existence… …let me see what’s next on the ol’ list here… Vertacyn Arc Materializer? Huh?  What am I doing with […]Read More