Rob Sielski – “Drive”

 Rob Sielski – “Drive”

Rob Sielski – “Drive” – Single Review

The question was posed to me, not too long ago, in all-caps – “IS THIS THE SONG OF THE YEAR?

I’ll be real with ya, as I always am…Rob actually makes a really good case for that being possible.

While I can never speak for the masses altogether, I’ve got a pretty damn good grip on what people like and how they generally respond to music – and I can certainly vouch for the fact that the majority of folks that tune into this single, are gonna find themselves mercilessly addicted to it.  And if that is indeed the case, could it not be “THE SONG OF THE YEAR” for a great many of you?  Sure!  Clearly it could be.  If you were to see me tomorrow on the street and say, ‘hey man – that new Rob Sielski song is “THE BEST SONG OF THE YEAR,”’ I’d happily give ya a high-five, and respect your choice as being well-informed.

The reality is, some songs…some moments in time…they’ve got their own gravitational pull to them.  Like it or not, sometimes we can’t even escape being sucked right into the vortex of tunes that are perfectly designed & engineered to aim straight for our hearts & minds.  “Drive” is one of those songs.  The kind of cut that, you listen to, realize that you not only LOVE what you just heard, but that you’re probably about to hear this song EVERYWHERE you go for the next couple years straight, and rightly so.  Everything about “Drive” is relevant, real, and straight-up flawless from performance to production – and you betcha, there’s a MASSIVE chance that this single/video spreads like wildfire around the globe.  And deservedly so!  If you genuinely put in the effort, you should reap the rewards, should you not?

When we’re talking about universal accessibility on these pages of ours, pointing to “Drive” would give you all the audible definition of what that really is.  I think you’d honestly have to be amongst the hardest of hearts out there to somehow resist this song if I’m being truthful…the appeal is completely undeniable.  Like, if you didn’t like “Drive” for some reason, it’s because you’re actively TRYING not to enjoy yourself in life and the music you choose to listen to, and you are probably a little dead inside.  What Rob has got here is incredibly relevant to what’s happening out there on the airwaves in this post-Post Malone world we’re living in now…and when you factor in how incredible the video is supporting his single, you have to recognize he’s put all the right pieces in place for this to make a very strong bid to be your “BEST SONG OF THE YEAR.”  Like…if there was something I felt like he could have done better, the (eight of you) regular readers here know I’d have no problem at all calling that out.  If there IS anything that Sielski could have done to make “Drive” any more perfect than it is, all I know is that I ain’t hearin’ it.  To me, this cut is spectacularly single-worthy; it’s sung with real emotion, Rob’s found all the right hooks that’ll hit you in the heartstrings…it’s contemplative, thought-provoking, evocative…all that good stuff – and perhaps most importantly, it’s actually remarkably relatable too.  If you’ve ever tried to recover from the loss of someone you spent a significant amount of time loving and forming memories with in this lifetime…believe me…a lot of listening to “Drive” is like a put in the gut from sweet nostalgia.

Credit where credit is due y’all – Rob’s got one heck of a song/video combination on his hands here with “Drive” – there’s absolutely no doubt about it – that’s an indisputable fact.  I love that he’s added in some of the real sounds from the background of what we see onscreen into the video version too – that kind of attention to detail is clever, and completely my jam.  Rob does a great job with what we see from him in the starring role, actress Jenna Newman is a revelation onscreen supporting him & the storyline of the song, and the editing/direction from Zack Rogers is right on the mark – this whole single hits a clear homerun right over the fence, visually and audibly, straight on into the park five towns over.  “IS THIS THE SONG OF THE YEAR?”  That remains the question…but it very well could be – all I can tell ya is what I’m personally hearing, and I’m 100% mercilessly addicted to this immaculately heartbreaking song that’s every bit equally beautiful – so if it somehow ain’t the “SONG OF THE YEAR,” then it’s definitely ONE of them.  I’m completely confident “Drive” will easily chart right up there with the best you’ve heard in 2022, the best you’ve seen onscreen, and catapult this dude straight on into the future of his career.  Rob’s got a stellar voice, an incredibly insightful single that’s powerfully moving, he knows his way around real hooks that you can’t possibly resist, and he’s put himself in great position for his next moves to follow.  “Drive” is as memorable as music & an experience can get – I freakin’ love this single.

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