Month: <span>September 2022</span>

Campfire Sigh – Different Peninsulas

Campfire Sigh – Different Peninsulas – Album Review Interesting band full of colorful sound here, no doubt about that…you can tell they know their music history and have a genuine respect for it…and I dig that.  Now…naturally, it’d be fair to assume that of course – we know one of the players from Campfire Sigh […]Read More

Sherry Ryan – “Sparrow”

Sherry Ryan – “Sparrow” – Single Review “After hearing a CBC radio interview about the white-throated sparrow’s new song taking over North America, Sherry was inspired to write about a change that’s spread all across the nation.” Ohhhhh Sherry.  Don’t you understand that birds aren’t real? I’m kidding of course…I’m referring to another viral hype […]Read More

D2UR – “Right Now”

D2UR – “Right Now” – Single Review Yikes.  I tell ya…it’s a good thing that this song is as solid as it sounds. I was actually just at a show here in Vancouver last week where the opening act announced they were gonna play a ‘pandemic tune’ – and I thought to myself…’alright…everyone gets one, […]Read More

Mark Dunn – “Walk In The Snow”

Mark Dunn – “Walk In The Snow” – Single Review “I don’t wanna give a fuck, but you know I do.” Mark Dunn…sir…bro…homie…you’re a weird dude…and I’m kinda lovin’ it yo! Now…I’m not the guy that’s gonna tell you there are any sort of rules when it comes to makin’ music, or videos for that […]Read More

Good Spells – “Who We Are”

Good Spells – “Who We Are” – Single Review From the studio beats to your city streets, Good Spells is out there makin’ it happen for ya…and wouldn’t ya know it – we’ve been paying attention!  In fact, it was nearly a year ago to the day here that we first introduced this UK-based Electro/beat-makin’ […]Read More

Chael – “Better Not” / “Friends With A Cheater”

Chael – “Better Not” / “Friends With A Cheater” – Singles Review Now this artist right here has got a completely bright future ahead of him – I’m seriously impressed with Chael!  I was reading about this dude based out of the Philippines, and a write-up that came along with these two singles I’ve got…it […]Read More

Staytus – Disease Of The Mind

Staytus – Disease Of The Mind – Album Review Fun fact – the debut Staytus album Disease Of The Mind has its tracks listed in alphabetical order! I mean…hey…why not, right?  There are no rules on that kind of stuff.  People can labor over that whole lineup & sequence stuff for days & months on […]Read More

Dan Sonenberg – Tiny Malone

Dan Sonenberg – Tiny Malone – Album Review Well now…that’s comforting.  Seems like Dan Sonenberg has got his music running like clockwork at this point in his career now, and that’s a great thing!  This…hmm…let’s say hyperactive-minded artist…has put out a record in each of the last three years, where before that, it was somewhere […]Read More

Becca Sameasu & Lorelei Roux – “Church Of The Inner

Becca Sameasu & Lorelei Roux – “Church Of The Inner Cosmos” – Single Review Interesting tune, no doubt about that. Word on the street is that “Church Of The Inner Cosmos” was released on “a discordian artist compilation earlier this year” – and I’ll fully admit, I had to look that up.  I’m never shy […]Read More

X-Ray Youth – All Washed Up

X-Ray Youth – All Washed Up – Album Review Don’t get me wrong…part of me thinks it’s awesome that X-Ray Youth is finishing something they started TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO…and part of me thinks it’s completely crazy.  Understand my perspective though…I’m only forty-two years old, and I lost everything I owned back when I was twenty-three…so […]Read More