Month: <span>September 2022</span>

Ankur – “Roots” Feat. Bronte Kolbe

Ankur – “Roots” Feat. Bronte Kolbe – Single Review Been a few minutes since we last checked in with rapper/artist Ankur – this dude was last featured on our pages back in 2019 for his Intermission EP, which came after a previous appearance in 2018 when he dropped the Shades EP onto the internet.  Y’all […]Read More

Forest Robots – Supermoon Moonlight Part Two

Forest Robots – Supermoon Moonlight Part Two – Album Review Sometimes you just get that feeling that things are gonna work out, know what I mean?  While it feels like I’ve actually been listening to Forest Robots for longer than it appears here on our pages, which traces back to a single called “Inevitable” from […]Read More

Sugar Lime Blue – “Burn It”

Sugar Lime Blue – “Burn It” – Single Review They say first impressions are pretty much everything, right?  If that’s truly the case, then I’d say that Nashville’s Sugar Lime Blue are on mighty solid ground with a single like “Burn It” for sure.  Listening to the vibrant bounce & energy this cut has straight […]Read More


BROCK – “CELESTE” – Music Video Post High-flyin’ good times with our main man BROCK in the mix this morning – the dude’s got a brand-new single/video out for a song called “CELESTE” that’ll take ya straight on an otherworldly trip into space.  The man has been on a verifiable hot streak of releases he’s […]Read More

Richard Self – Lives Of The Ignorant Part 2

Richard Self – Lives Of The Ignorant Part 2 – Album Review “Musician/producer with not enough time on his hands.”  #Truth  #IHearYaBrother What a trip this record is!  I’m not even kidding…this is like…some kind of intergalactic concept & story woven into the fabric of the songs on Richard Self’s Lives Of The Ignorant Part […]Read More

Doug Cash – “Child Alone”

Doug Cash – “Child Alone” – Music Video Post Now here’s a track that the vast majority of us should all be able to get behind – artist Doug Cash has put out a brand-new single/video speaking up against child abuse, as directly as it gets, through his song called “Child Alone.”  Using stark imagery […]Read More

Jacapello – “Lullaby”

Jacapello – “Lullaby” – Single Review I tell ya folks…we’ve certainly come a long way as artists.  I’m sittin’ here, listening to a single called “Lullaby” by Jacapello, based out of the UK…and not only am I doing that from way over here on the other side of the globe in Canada, but I gotta […]Read More

Mr.Reaper – “Come Follow Me And We Ride”

Mr.Reaper – “Come Follow Me And We Ride” – Single Review “I keep on goin’ – and I keep on flowin.’  I never stop, ‘til my mind drops, tellin’ motherfuckers what I have, or what I have-not.”  I’m feelin’ it Mr.Reaper, and I know that I won’t be alone in that assessment – “Come Follow […]Read More

BlackLight – “Come Party With Me” (Cowboy Mix)

BlackLight – “Come Party With Me” (Cowboy Mix) – Audio Post Heck yeah! Here’s a cut that is fully guaranteed to put you straight into party mode – BlackLight’s “Come Party With Me” (Cowboy Mix) has got ALL that Electro groove, vibrant energy, and inspired spark you wanna find!  For an entire six-plus minutes…no joke […]Read More

Vices Inc – “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With

Vices Inc – “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” / “Forgotten Dust” – Singles Review So!  Probably best that I preface this a bit with the fact that I dig this band…Vices Inc seem like good people, and I remember them well from reviewing their singles “(Hold On) Gravitron” and “More Is Never […]Read More