Month: <span>September 2022</span>

MELØ – “Hopeless Romantic Creatures”

MELØ – “Hopeless Romantic Creatures” – Single Review It has definitely been a busy year for this synthetically special artist based out of Canada – MELØ has released a whole lot of tunes in 2022 so far, and we’ve been there from the beginning to see the excite build alongside the momentum.  What began with […]Read More

Eric Butterfield – “Bad Love”

Eric Butterfield – “Bad Love” – Music Video Post For three years straight, solo artist Eric Butterfield was cruising right along with a string of new singles out there, starting with “Wake Me In Paris” in 2018 and “Dead Ex-Boyfriend” back in 2019.  Before this brand-new tune called “Bad Love” that we’re posting up here […]Read More

Achilles Tenderloin – “Little Girl Blue”

Achilles Tenderloin – “Little Girl Blue” – Singles Review Hmmm…nothing better in music than a name that stands out…Achilles Tenderloin will do that for sure. There are many unique things about “Little Girl Blue,” the advance single from Joe Augustin’s solo project Achilles Tenderloin, with an album coming out next year called Tincture For Trouble.  […]Read More

David Singley – “Change Gonna Come”

David Singley – “Change Gonna Come” – Single Review Talented songwriter.  I dig what you’ve got goin’ on here David. That’s probably the easiest conclusion to draw to anyhow…as to where Singley ‘fits’ out there in this music-scene we’re sharing…that could be more difficult to figure out.  Not that desperately searching to put ourselves in […]Read More

Sa6T6an6as – “Kissing”

Sa6T6an6as – “Kissing” – Music Video Post How hazy & faded do ya want it on this sleepy Sunday y’all?  Sa6T6an6as has been takin’ plenty of shots to kill his liver, and then decided to write a song about it, make a video to support it, and here we are!  Fully laidback in that Indie/Emo/Rap […]Read More

Dylan Tauber – The Lagoon

Dylan Tauber – The Lagoon – Album Review The last time I reviewed Dylan’s music, was way back when I was still living in Ontario, can you believe that?  Alright…I suppose it wasn’t that long ago…we moved back to British Columbia this summer, but it does already seem like a lifetime’s worth of events have […]Read More


Vaquero – “JOhN SNOW” / “XXXTRA THICCC” – Singles Review “Twenty-five on my third wife…”  Yikes.  That can’t be cheap. Welcome to the world of Vaquero…this dude sure ain’t afraid to get grimy with it.  All-in-all, he’s an artist that seems pretty determined to write rhymes that’ll have you raisin’ an eyebrow or two when […]Read More

Jill Benson – Dreamscapes

Jill Benson – Dreamscapes – Album Review I tell ya folks…for myself personally, I can never really get enough piano music…never have, never will.  It was the #1 sound I grew up with around the house when I was growing up…I’d roll out of bed still sleepy eyed, and my old man would be downstairs […]Read More

Stonebridge & K-Syran – “So In Love With You”

Stonebridge & K-Syran – “So In Love With You” – Music Video Post Here you go folks – you wanted some summer vibes, you’ve been searching high & low for’em, and they’re right here for ya, contained within a tight 2:22 in this upbeat collaboration between Electro artist Stonebridge and singer K-Syran on their new […]Read More

Wayward Waves – Realm Of Lustre

Wayward Waves – Realm Of Lustre – EP Review Justine Painter, you my friend, are a true inspiration. What a kickass story behind this amazing music!  Imagine spending your days as a C.F.O., or some other kind of office job for years and years as a career, wondering if maybe, just maybe, you were cut […]Read More