Month: <span>September 2022</span>

Jayson Bendera – “The Wicked Hour” / “Chain Hang”

Jayson Bendera – “The Wicked Hour” / “Chain Hang” – Singles Review Yes indeed…this works. I’ll admit…I see genres like Classic Rock, Blues, and Soul and instantly feel like I’ll be out of my depth – typically speaking, they’re just not the genres I gravitate most to.  That being said, y’all know I basically listen […]Read More


BROCK – “AM I” – Music Video Post “I generated the visuals by entering text into A.I.  Then I sent 3500 frames to my editor the video is the result.  AM I BROCK yes BROCK AM I.” Y’all sure are interested in what the ol’ A.I. can do these days huh?  I’ll admit…I think it’s […]Read More

Todd Underwood – Extraordinary

Todd Underwood – Extraordinary – Album Review What a difference a whole year can make eh? Though I’ve been listening to this dude make music for more than three years now, with a record released in each of’em along the way – there was no doubt that listening to Todd’s last album Upside Down, that […]Read More

Shelby Lentz

Official Press Release Shelby Lentz Is Not Only “Doing Fine” – She’s Got A Brand-New Hit Single Coming Out On October 14th! After the incredible success of the release of her song “The Outside” in 2021, and a whole bunch of love, support, and excitement pouring in for her music from all around the globe […]Read More

Hyper Harmony – “Ranjhana” Feat. Shenarina

Hyper Harmony – “Ranjhana” Feat. Shenarina – Single Review Stellar!  Hyper Harmony has got this new single sounding spectacular…the production you’ll find on this track is pretty much second to none, bringing a crystal clarity to a cross-cultural cut that many people are sure to dig on.  In fact, I know that’s the truth – […]Read More

Moon And Aries – BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)

Moon And Aries – BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One) – EP Review I know I’ve said this a few times lately, but it’s amazing how little time has actually passed, yet how it feels like an entire lifetime has gone by this year.  Like – I remember the name & music of Moon And Aries…but […]Read More

The Vike – “Rebel At Heart”

The Vike – “Rebel At Heart” – Single Review Word on the street is that post-pandemic, Alt/Rock band The Vike is back in action…and lemme tell ya folks, it’s more than apparent from this new single “Rebel At Heart” that they have come back fired-up and ready to roll!  It’s high octane entertainment that smartly […]Read More

BROCK And Eshnab – “I Will Change Your Mind”

BROCK And Eshnab – “I Will Change Your Mind” – Music Video Post It sure seems like there’s never a week that goes by without a new BROCK tune when the guy is in the swing of things, which he has been all summer long pretty much…at least as far as we can tell.  The […]Read More

JAK – “Adrenaline”

JAK – “Adrenaline” – Single Review Absolutely HUGE. Get this man some oxygen yo!  JAK is FEELIN’ IT y’all – he’s got the JUICE…he’s surgin’ with “Adrenaline” and sounding like he’s an artist at the top of his game.  Which I’d imagine he IS…I mean…good lord…if he’s got gears that have him hitting bars even […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 165

Check out the latest set of live tunes released from our mighty vault of musical archives here at sleepingbagstudios & have a listen to the punishing raw power of The Pit from their set at Lana Lou’s in Vancouver from back in 2017 – and stick around for a flash-forward into the future as we […]Read More