Month: <span>July 2022</span>

Thank U Ottawa.

For anyone out there that follows these pages of ours, it’s that annual time of the year where I feel the need to express my thanks – so truly y’all, thank you for your support over these past ten years.  Specifically, these past six have been incredible – SBS started out as a project where […]Read More

Giant Silent World – Giant

Giant Silent World – Giant – EP Review Music from a source we know we can trust?  How the heck did ya end up here? Giant Silent World is comprised of two dudes…you’ve got Christopher Smith on the mic, and a previous nominee for our Best New Sound of the year in Pete Gustard makin’ […]Read More

JonPaul Wallace – “321”

JonPaul Wallace – “321” – Music Video Post “I’m replacing all the worst times with all of the first times.”  #HeckYeah! Lemme be real with ya folks…I’d have to count to be sure, but I feel like after having a healthy spin through JonPaul Wallace’s new single “321,” it’s fair to say that almost every […]Read More

Hello Fiasco – Find The Shoreline

Hello Fiasco – Find The Shoreline – Album Review Well damn…I would have loved to make my way over to Burt Block Party this year on August 13th to see & hear Hello Fiasco rock that festival with some of my favorite Canadian bands like I Mother Earth and The Watchmen, in addition to legends […]Read More

Psykobilly – “Love Is A Slow Bullet”

Psykobilly – “Love Is A Slow Bullet” – Single Review Oh happy hap…this world needs another song about killin.’ Personally, I love the spin on the Serenity Prayer at the beginning of the new Psykobilly single – that definitely caught my attention straight away – “Dear Lord…grant me the serenity to accept the things I […]Read More

Danny End The Dictators – The Death Of Sovereignty

Danny End The Dictators – The Death Of Sovereignty – Album Review Lemme tell ya folks…as the guy that listens to everything, I’m always perplexed by how other people would make their way through an album that has me struggling, or challenges my ears more than most.  I get a lot of people asking about […]Read More

Zel? – Now And Forever

Zel? – Now And Forever – Album Review That’s…ummm…quite the bio Zel?.  #StayHumbleMyBrother I like that the opening track “I Get Around” borrows a ton from the Post-Punk era of sound…that’s pretty much where I’m at for the most part…the style of music that I suppose tends to resonate the strongest with me & pretty […]Read More

La’Monte / A Couple Mondays – Singles

La’Monte / A Couple Mondays – Singles Review Got one of those double-feature type reviews for ya today…music from La’Monte as a solo artist, and music from his band in A Couple Mondays.  Dude’s got quite the personality, and a strong desire to do what he’s doin’ – that’s crystal clear in both projects he’s […]Read More

Arda & The Stolen Moon – Outsider In Perpetual Motion

Arda & The Stolen Moon – Outsider In Perpetual Motion – Album Review “Guess I’ll never, ever go viral.”  #Heard Yet…I suspect that, despite toiling in the anonymity of the black hole of the internet, both Arda & The Stolen Moon, and yours truly here, will probably be around much longer than whatever flash in […]Read More

A Place For Myself – “Alive” / “Together”

A Place For Myself – “Alive” / “Together” – Singles Review I could see A Place For Myself catching on well enough.  As I was listening to “Alive” to get a first impression of this project, I felt like all-in-all, we’ve got a pretty decent hybrid between the old and the new goin’ on here.  […]Read More