Pale Vision – “Life Is A Game”

 Pale Vision – “Life Is A Game”

Official Press Release

Pale Vision’s Debut Single “Life Is A Game” Is Online Everywhere & Available Worldwide 10/30/2020!

Faithfully taking music back to its analog roots and insightfully musing on the many twists & turns of life, Pale Vision has officially arrived on the scene with metaphorical lyricism, vibrant instrumentation, and a stellar debut single called “Life Is A Game,” released on October, 30th, 2020.  Focused intently on writing songs with substance & genuine perspective, the endearing wisdom of personal experience is one of the many alluring aspects of Pale Vision’s inspired style & sound, exemplified perfectly on “Life Is A Game.”

Humble, honest, & authentic – the organic vibes Pale Vision creates on “Life Is A Game” cleverly reflect on the past with vividly nostalgic sentiment & stunning detail, while also fearlessly diving into the many ups/downs of thoughts, feelings, and emotions experienced along his own personal journey over time.  Creating a remarkable blend of the past and the present in a sincere effort to close one chapter of life, while courageously starting a new one filled-with & fueled-by real passion – the pure authenticity of Pale Vision’s songwriting, style, and sound instantly connects to the mind, body, & soul of all who listen.

With an immaculate DIY approach that has Pale Vision in full control of his art, music, and destiny – the brand-new single “Life Is A Game” features a radiant array of colorful musicianship and dreamy melody.  100% played entirely by Pale Vision, “Life Is A Game” brilliantly fuses together piano, strings, saxophone, bass, drums, guitar, & vocals into one truly breathtaking experience to be remembered.  Join Pale Vision for the official release of “Life Is A Game” worldwide across the internet online, and in true celebration of the beginnings of the most exciting chapters of his story as an artist & career musician yet to come.

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