Month: <span>October 2020</span>

SBS Live This Week 139

Ahhhhhhhhhh memories!  A short-lived band but a hella fun one – come check out a set from Modern Day Poets at The Media Club from back in 2015, and stick around for a bonus track from even further back when we revisit our time checking out Quicksand in 2013 on this episode of SBSLTW! To […]Read More

KILJIN – “I’m Still Alive”

Let it be said, when I go, I’ve specifically asked to be cremated, have my ashes loaded into the hollow barrel of the body of an acoustic guitar, and then have it smashed to pieces in one final puff of soul-smoke & glory to finish my story.  But KILJIN has got me re-thinking all this.  […]Read More


ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Because you really freakin’ should be by now.  I know I have been! Hopefully y’all have been paying some attention to our ALL-CAPS musical-madman BROCK on these pages of ours here in October – this dude has been lighting it UP out there on the internet with a whole series of […]Read More

King George – “Tightrope”

Welllllllllllll snap would you look at that – King George has gone all up & cinematic on us for the lyric video supporting his slick new single “Tightrope” – this thang looks like a movie yo!  If you notice the description, it’ll clue you in to what’s up and what “Tightrope” is really all about […]Read More

Dmitry Chaplin – “You And I”

With a beautiful slice of audible melancholy and haunting melody combined, artist Dmitry Chaplin has released a mesmerizing & captivating new cut called “You And I” this year, and notably, this time around he’s gone acoustic!  A quick tour into the catalog of Chaplin tunes out there online will quickly confirm that this dude is […]Read More

Dagger Down – Dagger Down II

Dagger Down – Dagger Down II – Album Review Busy year for Dagger Down!  I can already see posts about their third record coming soon…I better get crackin’ and fill ya in on what you’re in-store for on their latest album, Dagger Down II, freshly released here in 2020.  And I’ll tell ya folks…I’m excited […]Read More

Heckle And Jeckle – “Take Me Away”

We all got history homies…sometimes it just takes a while to find the right time to get it out there the right way. Back in…oh what was it…somewhere around the beginning of 2018 if I’m not mistaken, we were introduced to a serious character in the Rap game – the one & only Racci AK […]Read More


This digital wizard continues to rock our world late in the year here in 2020 with music & vibes that always seem like they’re straight outta the future.  BROCK returns with a brand-new single/video called “DINGRAY” that has seriously got the spark & the sonic juice you wanna hear, and of course what’s fast becoming […]Read More

Ken Fox

Ken Fox Interview SBS:  Ken!  My man!  Can you believe it’s nearly been five years since we did our first interview?  The anniversary of that first encounter is comin’ up on November 10th this year.  I suppose the obvious question is how come I keep getting older and everyone else seems to be aging in […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Beautiful Crime”

Well. This is IT.  This is either the best Love Ghost song I’ve ever heard, or just one of the best songs I’ve heard in general, full-stop.  Thanks so much for reading folks, it’s been a pleasure. Anyone that’s been within remote earshot of what I’ve had to say, or reading our pages over these […]Read More