Month: <span>August 2020</span>

Bjorn Rydhog – “Into Your Heart” Featuring Moa McAllister

Remarkably moving tune from artist Bjorn Rydhog based out of Sweden – “Into Your Heart” is one of those songs that has you instantly wondering how on earth you ever managed to live without it before you had a chance to hear it for the first time.  Soul-soothing, sweet, and immaculately professional – Bjorn clearly […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 130

So long ago now, we realize we were still learning how to tie our shoes way back then, let alone do what we do today at sleepingbagstudios!  Thankfully, Vancouver-based band Stone Poets were still kind enough to come on by and play a set for us in the early days of SBS back in 2013 […]Read More

Brannon – Everyday Heroes

Brannon – Everyday Heroes – Album Review Some people are just born with a gift of understanding songwriting & knowing where to find the melody at the heart of it all…and Brannon has definitely proven to be one of those artists with that level of natural talent throughout the years.  You’ll hear it for yourself […]Read More

Katie Curtin – “Pandemic Blues” Featuring Bart Balint & Melanie

Chances are…by this point in time in 2020…there aren’t too many of us out there that wouldn’t find themselves relating to 100% of a song like “Pandemic Blues” right now.  Believe me when I say, I’m not immune myself either…if you ask me, life’s really been on one heck of an up/down rollercoaster of emotions […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “Across The Street”

Sean Shiff – “Across The Street” – Single Review You’d really have to have the hardest of hearts not to like Sean Shiff & his music.  I’m still taking a lot of these tunes in myself, having only known about the man for a couple years or so through reviews on his previous singles like […]Read More

New American Hustle – Destination Go-Go

New American Hustle – Destination Go-Go – Album Review Ballsy…I dig it. I mean…I kinda figured I would after reading about the formation of New American Hustle and had a look at the listed influences…all-in-all, it’s got all the ingredients that tend to appeal to me.  I won’t give it all away, but to sum […]Read More

Attila Gibson – Metamorphosis

Official Press Release Attila Gibson Releases A Mesmerizing Set Of Vibrantly Versatile Material In 2020 – Metamorphosis Out Now! After thrilling listeners online around the world with his first stunning five records, which saw artist & composer Attila Gibson take his expressive instrumental songs all the way to incredible stages like the Grand Ole Opry […]Read More

Blue Soul Ten – Songs About You

Blue Soul Ten – Songs About You – Album Review Chances are I felt the same way I did the last time I pushed play on Blue Soul Ten’s tunes with the Ten Percent record from 2019 when I reviewed it on that very first spin in those first couple seconds that form an immediate […]Read More

0223 – The Pit (Live @ Lana Lou’s 2017) Album

It’s almost impossible to believe that the last time we saw The Pit play live was already back in 2017!  Seems like a lifetime ago at this point.  Good memories of great times for sure – check out some additional still shots from their show at Lana Lou’s below!Read More