Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir – “Savour The Moment” Feat. Eric Castiglia & Kostas Vass

 Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir – “Savour The Moment” Feat. Eric Castiglia & Kostas Vass

Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir – “Savour The Moment” Feat. Eric Castiglia & Kostas Vass – Single Review

Rock solid!  Well done Selma.

I get it, I get it…it’s not like she has a name like Slayer or Anvil to cue you into the fact that sometimes she wants to rock, but make no mistake, songwriter Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir always has a great idea of where she wants the tunes she writes to end up & how she’d like’em to sound.  In the case of the new single “Savour The Moment” released last month in July, she felt like rockin’ out – and so, she enlisted the talents of Italian music multi-talent Eric Castiglia to play guitar, bass, and sing, along with Kostas Vass from Greece, who plays the drums.  And of course if you know your history here at SBS and you’ve read our past review on Selma’s single “For As Long As You Live On,” you know she’s representing Iceland, making this latest cut “Savour The Moment” one seriously international affair with global potential!  You know we love that kind of collaborative spirit in music here on our Canadian-based pages, so we figured we’d join in on the fun and bring our country into the mix by writing about Selma’s new single today.

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d be willing to bet there’s at least a little Green Day in Eric’s diet & on his playlists somewhere…he’s got that similar combination of bounce & spark to the way he plays.  On the merits of that comment alone, there’s likely a legion of listeners out there that would wanna check this out…and rightly so.  You’ll find Eric delivers with professional confidence & precision from the music to the microphone – he plays spot-on with passion & commitment, and he might just sing even better than he can rock a guitar.  The point is, he’s a complete asset to “Savour The Moment,” and with so much riding on his shoulders to pull this song off, it’s more than satisfying to hear things come out so strong.  All-in-all, I can’t really imagine what more you could want other than exactly what he gives you – his energy is great, his tone is perfect, and you can even visibly see in the video that this tune amps him up & gets him right into the moment.  A big checkmark in the win column – Eric is essential to this song.

All that good stuff about Eric being said, there’s gotta be a song to begin with if he’s gonna sing & play one for us right?  That’s where Selma comes in…errr…I mean…that’s where this all started in the first place – she’s the captain of this collaboration.  From the songs I know from her in the past like “For As Long As You Live On” featuring Josiah Ruff, and “Unconditionally” featuring Joshua Matos, she’s always displayed a gift with her lyricism and chosen really interesting words to use that have kept me engaged.  No exception to the rule here, she’s done it again, and Selma displays that uniqueness in her perspective immediately right from the very first anti-typical line of the song, “Had I known that by scraping this guitar…”  To be 100% truthful with you, I’m not even fully sure if I even know what that means myself – but I know that I like the line one hell of a lot.  That might be a more abstract example of what I like about the way she writes – so try this next line I’ve picked out on for size, which is a lot more direct and entirely outstanding:  “Many try not to face what comes after having the time of our lives.”  Honestly, that’s a brilliantly insightful line right there is what that is…think about it for a moment…think about those incredible parties you attended as a kid in high-school, how it felt like that moment was never going to end…and how once you realized it might, it was scary, and you likely tried to prevent it from happening.  Alas, of course we can’t…one day we wake up and there’s all kinds of grey in our beards and that’s just kinda how life rolls…doesn’t mean we can’t still fully ROCK until our very last breath, which I definitely intend to.  From the sounds of things on “Savour The Moment” and the energy shared between the power in Eric’s vocals and the steady beats booming out from Kostas on the drum throne – I’d imagine this collaborative crew of talents probably feels the same way that I do about all that.

Memorable hooks, intense harmonies, and a song that makes you wanna sing along to it – “Savour The Moment” delivers on the energy & antics so many people out there crave from their speakers.  It’s another job well done by Selma and the talent she’s enlisted in Kostas & Eric, and another compelling addition to her growing catalog of tunes that is sure to satisfy those out there looking for a reason to get LOUD before the end of summer.

Not that you SHOULD need an extra reason for that – but Selma gives you one here.

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