Bjorn Rydhog – “Into Your Heart” Featuring Moa McAllister

 Bjorn Rydhog – “Into Your Heart” Featuring Moa McAllister

Remarkably moving tune from artist Bjorn Rydhog based out of Sweden – “Into Your Heart” is one of those songs that has you instantly wondering how on earth you ever managed to live without it before you had a chance to hear it for the first time.  Soul-soothing, sweet, and immaculately professional – Bjorn clearly has something special in his sound that immediately connects – and trust me when I say, you’ll be craving this cut the moment it’s over, so make sure you’ve got that repeat button handy!  Truly, “Into Your Heart” runs deep with its emotional sound, has absolutely essential/amazing harmonies from featured guest-star Moa McAllister, a slow-moving & highly engaging video to support the mesmerizing melody you’ll find at the heart of this single…it’s got all the right ingredients required to make the impact stunning songwriting & execution genuinely deserve.  It’s got thought-provoking lyricism and wonderful imagery in the words…and together, Bjorn & Moa make magic on the microphone with the way they’ve chosen to sing this song…you literally feel every word they’re singing.  An absolutely beautiful experience from start to finish – “Into Your Heart” is a perfect introduction to the music of Bjorn Rydhog if you haven’t heard him yet…and for his existing fans out there, there’s no doubt whatsoever that this lead-single from his second EP called Give Me Sunshine is sure to satisfy’em.  It might be subtle, it might be delicate, it might move at a mesmerizingly chilled-out pace…but make no mistake, Bjorn’s found his way into one of the strongest singles of 2020 with “Into Your Heart” – check it out for yourself below!

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