Month: <span>August 2020</span>

Zoe Gawd – “No Favors”

Make no mistake homies – Zoe Gawd is “the man ’round here” – facts! Poppin’ bottles, smokin’ blunts, and not doin’ one single damn favor for any lames out there – Zoe’s got her eyes focused on success & her rhymes sharpened to a fine point.  Stylistically bringing it straight to the streets for the […]Read More

Turfseer – “Nevermore”

Turfseer – “Nevermore” – Single Review Turfseer is definitely one of the more interesting characters out there in the scene, I’m always willing to give him that.  Dude’s been working away on a harvest of Covid-19/pandemic tunes this year – we’ve seen a couple show up here in review in the past in discussing “The […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Heart Shaped Box”

I was fourteen years-old when the shot went off. I was just on my way back in from lunch hour at school and settling back into the next class.  As history will tell you from the perspective of anyone who’s lived through an event of such colossal magnitude that rocks the entire world…you remember everything.  […]Read More

The Charlie Kulis Band – “Come And Getcha Some”

The Charlie Kulis Band – “Come And Getcha Some” – Single Review From the brand-new record called Twisted, we’ve got the lead-single/opening track “Come And Getcha Some” here in review today – and…well…I might just have to cross over to the other side of the fence for a moment here & break my ‘normal’ character…whatever […]Read More

SBS Podcast 101

Eight incredible artists/bands, ten kickass tunes, all on one show!  The value is always incredible on the SBS Podcast ain’t it?  Come get some new independent music in ya!  We’ll be spinning tunes from Ed Hale, DJ Serafin, Baum Jr., Ex-Okay, and takin’ in a double-shot from The Silver Bayonets on today’s episode.  We’ll also […]Read More

Omari Twist – “BIRD”

Like…obviously when a single gets released on all platforms out there, you’ve got plenty of options to get to it in any way you’d wanna…I’m just sayin’ that if you’re not checking out Omari Twist’s latest cut called “BIRD” via the absolutely killer video he’s got supporting it, you are definitely missing out, straight up.  […]Read More

OneTo – “Bad” Featuring Zeph David

“We about that action, talk is boring.”  PREACH the good word homies, that’s real talk right there. Proudly representin’ the nation on our pages here this morning, we’ve got OneTo (aka ONETORONTO) here in the mix with a powerfully versatile cut that flexes big hooks and even bigger personalities makin’ that magic happen on the […]Read More

Neon Funeral – “iPlague”

I’m willing to risk contamination for this, yep – bring on the “iPlague” I say! Neon Funeral is busting out of Jersey with all-out explosion of sound that should list them synonymous with the very definition of hybrid music.  A five piece that absolutely understands the essence of providing listeners with an experience they’re not […]Read More

Kridix – “Remington”

Whether it’s late-night still for ya, early morning to start your day, or really any other time as well – you’ll find there’s always room for some Kridix tunes.  Stoked on this artist & the old-school animated brilliance put together for the video “Remington” – and what a spectacularly chilled-out vibe this single has to […]Read More

Taylor Roche – “Never Like That”

Taylor Roche – “Never Like That” – Single Review Beautifully heartbreaking. Not just the song mind you…the process as well.  From what I’ve read in my travels around the internet & the information out there, “Never Like That” was quite the emotional journey to create.  Imagine you’re Taylor Roche for a moment…a young dude with […]Read More