Month: <span>February 2019</span>

Elmo Karjalainen – Back Where We Belong

Elmo Karjalainen – Back Where We Belong – Album Review In the whirlwind of starting things up at sleepingbagstudios long ago, it was kind of impossible to think too far ahead.  Everything was so go-go-go all the time that I never really had the luxury of reflecting on what the future would hold for what […]Read More


A G E N T – “STOP TALKING” – Music Video Release/Review “You smoked too much and you’re insane.” That’s accurate I suppose, but I swear I wasn’t always this way. Alright…chances are the new single A G E N T isn’t about my life story.  In fact, I know that’s not the case definitively, […]Read More

Mohammad Razi – Lost At Night

Mohammad Razi – Lost At Night – EP Review Absolutely sign me up for THIS. I’ve really only been introduced to the music of Mohammad Razi for a short amount of time, but man has this guy made a serious impression already.  Straight-up, he’s got a master’s grip on texture and sonic frequencies, and an […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 108

The latest set out of the vault from our First Five Years series of raw live footage on SBS Live This Week features Vancouver Noise-Rock behemoths Closer live on stage at The Backstage Lounge in 2014 slaying and crushing a killer performance for ya – and stick around, we got wild NorCal Punk from A […]Read More

Here For A Reason – “Leave It All Behind”

From their upcoming EP, the new single “Leave It All Behind” by Here For A Reason burns with bright melody and an energetic sound.  All the way from Vienna in Austria, this five-piece Power-Pop/Punk band have found themselves a GIGANTIC hook in the chorus of this song, maximizing its potential perfectly by the way they […]Read More

Ronald Williams – Keep My Cool

Ronald Williams – Keep My Cool – Album Review Like we always say around this place, there’s never a bad time to go about promotin’ some music yo!  If you checked out episode 062 of the SBS Podcast, you’re already ahead of the game on this review and have had a head start in listening […]Read More

Thelma Ball – “I Could Be Happy”

Thelma Ball – “I Could Be Happy” – Single Review Heyyyyyyy – time to drop the balloons!  Happy release day! Technically the new Thelma Ball single “I Could Be Happy” came out on February 22nd – but the video supporting this rad track came out officially today, so that’s still plenty reason to pop a […]Read More

Gonetcha – Fickle Games

Gonetcha – Fickle Games – Album Review Hey right on…been a while since we caught up with Gonetcha…last time around was close enough to this time last year I’d say…seems like the band is running like clockwork and getting a record out per year of its existence so far.  Which would make, by my calculation, […]Read More

The Vics – “Fourth And Clay”/”Proud”

The Vics – “Fourth And Clay”/”Proud” – Singles Review Definitely a few clues you can find as to why The Vics sound so good.  First being of course, if you’ve got ears on your face, you can hear it for yourself – this four-piece out of Cali (the other Cali…the one in Pennsylvania…and for the […]Read More

Kam – Soundcloud Singles

Kam – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review Been a minute or two homie!  My how things can change. This will be the first time I’ve reviewed Kam here at the page – though not the first time I’ve actually reviewed his music.  Back in the day, in early 2016, three some-odd years ago, he was […]Read More