Month: <span>February 2019</span>

Chaney The Gyft – “Black Power”

Representing for Black History Month – rapper Chaney The Gyft pays tribute to the true leaders of the Black community, dropping knowledge bombs & important social commentary throughout the rhythm & rhymes found on his latest single “Black Power.”  You can hear the respect this emcee has for those that have paved the way for […]Read More

Format – Spotify Singles

Format – Spotify Songs – Singles Review This homie is crackin’ the bat yo! On the last episode of the SBS Podcast, we went deep into the bio of American rapper Format and learned all about the life he was leading prior to music, back when he was all lined-up for a career as a […]Read More

TWO MIXS – Separate Checks

TWO MIXS – Separate Checks – EP Review Three really different tunes from TWO MIXS here in review today…almost surprising to find them all on one record when it comes right down to it – Separate Checks is actually quite a trip.  And I suppose in this particular case, I mean that fairly literally in […]Read More

Zachery Le’on – “Lost Tribe”

Peep this y’all! As promised on the latest episode of the SBS Podcast – we’ve got the video for Zachery Le’on’s latest single “Lost Tribe” from his album Ion-6 The Beginning, posted up hot & fresh for ya here at the page, ready for your viewing & listening pleasure, ready to be turned right UP […]Read More

SBS Podcast 063

Yup yup! It’s that time again – come get some all-new cuts from the independent scene and stick around for news/info of all kinds about the bands & artists on today’s show! We’ve got 10 tracks that have never been played on the SBS Podcast before today – ENTIRELY NEW for ya, from beginning to […]Read More

TonAsh – “I Yi (Remix)” Featuring Bodine Victoria & Chase

TonAsh – “I Yi (Remix)” Featuring Bodine Victoria & Chase Fernander – Music Video Release/Review Back-to-back & all up in your screens & speakers – we went digging into some of the music that artist TonAsh put out last year as well to check out the 2018 single/video for the “I Yi (Remix)” featuring Bodine […]Read More

TonAsh – “How It Go”

TonAsh – “How It Go” – Music Video Release/Review Comin’ at ya from Nassau City in the Bahamas, modern-day Rap/R&B/Club-artist TonAsh brings the kind of style, swagger, and genuine finesse to the game that makes a difference.  Flexing star quality from the visuals onscreen in his new video & single “How It Go,” to the […]Read More

Johnny Please – The Muse

Johnny Please – The Muse – Album Review To get an idea of where the songs, concepts, and ideas driving Johnny Please’s latest record The Muse, I’ll let you hear from the man behind the music through some words lifted direct from his social media:  “I made this album from a pretty dark place…Even now […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 107

Unlocking the vault to release another killer set found for our First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week – take a look at one of our first adventures out of the studio and our time spent at the Nixie jamspace, watching Vancouver Indie-Rock band Magik Spells crush some tunes for us.  Stick around […]Read More

FZY – The Bunny And The Cub

FZY – The Bunny And The Cub – Album Review If you read these pages on the regular and have a heartbeat & a pulse still, you’re probably familiar with the name FZY by now and get the full picture on how excited I’ve been about this dude’s music from the first time I heard […]Read More