Month: <span>February 2019</span>

Hopeful Monster – “Zero Options”

“Let’s make it beautiful” – sounds good – count us in! With a mysterious & curious Trip-Hop sound, and a tripped-out video full of vibrantly colorful effects & stunningly strange visuals, Hopeful Monster makes a bold impact through both the audio & video of the new single “Zero Options.”  Artistic, creative, and designed to be […]Read More

Delusive Relics – Chaotic Notions

Delusive Relics – Chaotic Notions – Album Review When you see names like Nine Inch Nails, Tangerine Dreams, and Depeche Mode pop up in the list of influences on an artist or band, it’s safe to say you’re about to be in for some highly synthesized sounds and a mix of flashy, catchy, and rhythmic […]Read More

Kalel – “Wave”

This emcee is bringing a ton to the game. From the beat to the rhymes, rapper Kalel has got himself a slow-burning single-worthy cut with his latest, called “Wave.”  With incredibly thought-provoking rhymes that dive deep into his personal experiences and emotions, Kalel connects poetically in a very real way…like music in 3D, you can […]Read More

Dionne Blaize – “Girls Nite”

“Work hard all day, all work no play, makes a dull girl – that’s what they say.” Dionne Blaize came to party & make sure there’s nothing dull about her or her latest single, while “breakin’ all the rules” with her crew on “Girls Nite.”  An anthem designed for fun and Friday night takeovers – […]Read More

Color School – Close Enough To Fix

Color School – Close Enough To Fix – EP Review Pleasant vibes from this crew!  Let me see if I’ve got the full story straight here after checking out the details I could find online & notes I have…   Color School is a band based out of DC, down south from us here in Canada, […]Read More

Angel Boy – “Retrograde”

Strap in for a cinematic experience in the new single/video for “Retrograde” by artist Angel Boy, expertly shot by Isabelle Ciobanu.  Brilliant colorization, killer visuals onscreen with smart effects, and just a touch of samurai influence in the mix – “Retrograde” has excellent editing and scenes designed to entertain ya.  Shifting his flow to suit […]Read More

Beauty For Ashes – Demos

Beauty For Ashes – Demos – Singles Review I’ll give you three powerfully strong reasons to look forward to the music of Beauty For Ashes this year – specifically, by name, “Heart Doesn’t Beat,” “Release Me,” and “Burn You Away,” aka the demo songs I’ve got from the band raging through my speakers this week.  […]Read More

Jake Inzerra – “Fashion Of Love”

Stylistic sounds and massively catchy hooks have singer/songwriter/artist Jake Inzerra embracing the spotlight and making the most of every moment on his new single “Fashion Of Love.”  Designed to provide you with an uplifting & vibrantly empowering vibe, Jake completely supplies; he’s got incredibly smart hooks in the chorus and flashes a ton of rhythmically […]Read More

Labán – “Quién da Más”

Labán – “Quién da Más” – Single Review Definitely a lot to dig about the second released single from Labán…from the sound of the rhythm & groove to the remarkably smooth vocals, “Quién da Más” slides right through your speakers with style.  Sung entirely in Spanish, the stunning melody is universal – doesn’t matter what […]Read More

Bobby Bofman – Maybe Today

Bobby Bofman – Maybe Today – EP Review As promised – back-to-back Bobby Bofman for ya!  We’re continuing on in checking out his latest tunes on the Maybe Today EP after having just reviewed the versatile set of songs on the Happy Rhythm EP – if you haven’t checked that out yet, make sure to […]Read More