Guru Goldie – “Neva Had Shyt”

 Guru Goldie – “Neva Had Shyt”

Aight homies – listen UP!

Guru Goldie tells it like it is yo!  “Neva Had Shyt” – the brand-new single/video from his upcoming mixtape Rose Goldie makes a seriously memorable impact through the bright visuals onscreen and the deep hooks in the music – the man is killin’ it from all angles on this cut.  An emcee from Chicago – this dude rips through the bars with full confidence, style, and swag – and you can see from the video for “Neva Had Shyt” that he’s all about that mayhem & menace.  Talented rapper no doubt, when he hits max speed he’s impressive and rhythmically flawless with his flow – and this video he’s got supporting this track…C’MON people – no joke…have a look and you’ll see what we’re talking about here.  You get right into this for the insane footage, the unreal colors, the music obviously – but there’s also a story-line happening in this video that will keep you paying attention as well…and just when Guru Goldie gets you hooked on it all – BLAM – it ends!  Or does it?  Find out more for yourself by clicking on the new video for “Neva Had Shyt” by Guru Goldie below!

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