Scane – “Ass On Her” Featuring Ray J

 Scane – “Ass On Her” Featuring Ray J

Scane – “Ass On Her” Featuring Ray J – Music Video Release/Review

I might not know everything when it comes to anything about this world…I’m realistic about that.  I’m one of those people that can accept what I don’t know – I know it’s important to seek out advice from the experts when you need it, you feel me?  Like if you needed medical advice, you’d go to a doctor right?  Or if you needed help with your jump-shot, you’d go to your coach wouldn’t you?

So too is it with ass – if you’re looking for advice, opinions, or expertise on tha booty, who better to enlist than Ray J?

Give this combo some credit where credit is due – rapper Scane along with Ray J, have created a serious winner here.  And YES – it’s hella easy to get quickly captivated by the sheer amount of luscious booty onscreen – but I’d be willing to vouch for the fact that there are at least a couple more reasons to want to check this out.  That being said…I don’t want anyone out there to think I ain’t impressed with what I’m seeing, I am.  I’m just a man at the end of the day…I can’t profess to be made of stone…”Ass On Her” doesn’t just catch your attention – it will have your eyeballs buggin’ right out your face as you check out this video.

But for real!  What I’m talking about is the fact that not only is the video poppin’ – the song is killer too.  The hooks from Ray J are plenty strong & the moment this cut starts up, you’re right into it.  Scane comes out swingin’ BIG from the very first line, which put a sly grin on my face that lasted for the rest of the song – it goes:  “She got a fatty, you can see it from the front…”  I mean, C’MON people – that line alone set the high standard for the wild attitude you’ll find in Scane’s rhymes on “Ass On Her” – but NOTICE as well, that this ain’t derogatory at all – you can tell Scane is a connoisseur of dat ass and appreciates himself a nice full-figured lady…or, you know, a party full of nice full-figured ladies.  You get the idea – the point is that the main man of the song is rappin’ bout something he truly loves.  When you see the video for “Ass On Her” – you’ll likely agree – this dude is clearly livin’ the LIFE!  I’d trade places with this emcee in a heartbeat…and I’m sure after checking this out for yourself, you’ll feel the same way I do.  Between the solid R&B hooks that Ray J adds into this beat, the wicked lines that Scane spits into the mix, the amount of eye-candy in this video and the quality entertainment onscreen – you pretty much can’t ask for anything more than what you get in the audio/video combo of “Ass On Her.”

Between poppin’ bottles, making it rain, shower-scenes, and a whole bunch of barely-there clothing – Scane and Ray J look like they’re enjoying their surroundings just as much as you’d expect they would be in this scenario.  How could you not?  The women are gorgeous, the music is tight, the drinks are flowing, and someone out there is catching this incredible moment on film?  How can you top that?

Ain’t gonna lie to ya homies – this works.  What was really most impressive, was the fact that this song can hang with this video, 100%.  Scane’s fully in-charge on his bars and makes the most of every second on the mic, mixing it up with clever observations and accurate assessments of the situation – and the tone of Ray J in the hook really complements the entire vibe perfectly.  The song itself is as brilliantly produced & edited as the video is, with plenty of flashy chops & a stylish swag that’ll pull you right in.  It is TOUGH to compete with all that “Ass On Her” that you see onscreen – but I gotta say, these two brought it to the mic & made sure that what we hear is equally impressive to what we see in the video.

As far as I can tell, there ain’t no resisting this single.  Whether it’s the video or the music, or both, one way or the other, “Ass On Her” is designed to catch your attention and keep it.  In a world filled with songs & videos out there, ya gotta do something BIG to stand-out from the rest & make that moment an unforgettable one somehow…and I’d be willing to bet that “Ass On Her” will jump-out at you from the speakers to the screen like it’s in 3D – THIS is an experience you’ll remember and turn right UP.  Hot like fire in every possible way – Scane scores a MASSIVE win with the vibe on “Ass On Her” featuring Ray J.

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