Butcherz Blok Music – “I Promise” Featuring LAWN

 Butcherz Blok Music – “I Promise” Featuring LAWN

Butcherz Blok Music – “I Promise” Featuring LAWN – Music Video Release

Really cool stuff!  Learning about Butcherz Blok Music, I gotta hand it to this crew led by DJ ROGO…the collaborative spirit of music runs deep here in this project and they’ve just released a stunning example of the unique, expressive & imaginative results that can occur when you’re willing to put yourself out there creatively and work with others.  The brand-new single, “I Promise,” with featured singer LAWN has Butcherz Blok Music sounding fantastic in this collaboration!  I really dig what’s happening in this cut…they’ve got it labeled as a ‘Funky R&B track’ at the YouTube channel…I can accept that and get where they’re coming from…of course, “I Promise,” also bears striking resemblances to what many of us know & love here at SBS – Trip-Hop.  As I’ve said many times on these pages – doesn’t matter what you call it or what label or genre people find you in as long as it all sounds good.  And this certainly does.

With a wickedly edited set of visuals and effects combined in the video, Butcherz Blok Music and LAWN have definitely found a way to keep you just as entertained by watching as they do by listening.  With the poetic nature of the lyrics and LAWN’s consistently amazing approach to the vocals, there are several ‘wow’ factors at work here, certainly including the brilliant structure & production of the music itself.  It’s a beat built out of adventurous ideas in sound-selection…extremely well assembled and the glitch-editing is spot-on the money, adding a ton of extra personality and audio-surprises for us all as we listen.  What I personally like in a collaboration is completely on display here; Butcherz Blok Music ended up coming up with a beat that was highly imaginative, vibrant and creative – but to really get the most out of “I Promise” on a vocal-level and do justice to the musical-effort, it was obviously recognized that it would take a compelling & confident voice like LAWN to make the vision as a whole come out shining.  Great beat, great video, great performance on the vocals & great lyrics to go with it – kind of all adds up to one exceptional experience overall now doesn’t it?  I certainly think so – I loved this tune and would happily listen to anything this collaboration came up with in the future.  There’s always a chance that a collaborative project can be a one-time thing…but I also believe that when something really works that it’s certainly worth exploring for everything it’s worth.  “I Promise” has the kind of hooks & twists on the R&B/Electro/Trip-Hop sound that are absolutely memorable and seriously stand out boldly & beautifully; the kind of tune that comes out with such a strong identity and style of its own that Butcherz Blok Music and LAWN should certainly consider doing something again in the future, just sayin’!



Find more sounds from Butcherz Block Music at the official page at Reverbnation:  https://www.reverbnation.com/butcherzblokmusic

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