AK – “Party Of The Wolves”

 AK – “Party Of The Wolves”

AK Productions – “Party Of The Wolves” – Music Video Release

An EDM/Dance track carefully mastered for maximum impact!

That’s a direct quote from the official posting up at YouTube & you gotta love it when that’s the first thing you read about a brand-new song.  What’s even better, is that music-producer AK can back up that claim entirely; his dedication to the art of sound comes shining through on his latest EDM single, “Party Of The Wolves.”  You audiophiles and sound-addicts out there are gonna want to turn this one UP – you can genuinely hear the passion for electro-entertainment come radiating through the dynamic movement & smart transitions as “Party Of The Wolves” flows along.  Bursting at the seams with all the core sonic-elements that EDM fans throughout the world celebrate on their playlists, the real magic in this cut from AK Productions and what separates AK from the rest, is that captivating clarity and stylistically-structured assembly that leads to an undeniably fun, vibrantly expressive, and wildly versatile journey in sound that builds & breaks perfectly from beginning to end.  Check it out for yourself – have a click on the video below & see the rad way that AK Productions makes the still imagery come alive with the music from the brand-new single “Party Of The Wolves.”

When you put your heart & soul into what you do, whether the music is synthetic or organic, you can always hear true dedication to the art when it’s there – AK Productions proves that on “Party Of The Wolves.”  With brilliant attention to detail in the mix and an adventurous evolution to its energy & flow, fans of EDM & the electro-genres in all forms are bound to seriously dig on what AK Productions has put together on “Party Of The Wolves.”  It’s a flawless experience in sound & electro-entertainment…and AK delivers on that promise of making a maximum impact on the listeners, in-full.

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