Nick de la Hoyde – “Hold Me Close”

 Nick de la Hoyde – “Hold Me Close”

Nick de la Hoyde – “Hold Me Close” – Music Video Release/Review

Been a fantastic day for checking out videos and it’s not even noon here at the studio yet!

Check out the latest from singer/songwriter Nick de la Hoyde in the video/single “Hold Me Close” below…then we’ll discuss!

Awesome right?  You’ll find us blasting this tune from all our channels in full support.  Not only does Nick have himself an excellent new single – the video is just as good, don’t you think?  Reading about the uplifting, empowering and inspiring connection that Nick de la Hoyde has with music was one thing – experiencing it for myself was another thing altogether.  From the moment I heard the stunning hooks that are threaded into “Hold Me Close,” all I could think to myself was ‘yup – that’s a hit right there.’  Nick sings with exceptional tone & control, getting the emotion & spirit of the storyline in the lyrics and the song’s core messages across to us perfectly as listeners.  As far as choruses go, “Hold Me Close” contains pure audio-gold – the melody is massively enticing to the ears and Nick’s found a way to make the connection to the words sound blissfully real and entirely beautiful.

Through gorgeous footage onscreen and a spectacular edit on a lyric-video, “Hold Me Close” is already racking-up a massive amount of hits since its release and for plenty of good reason – it really is perfect.  The entire vibe of “Hold Me Close” is wonderfully inviting and extremely accessible, from the vibrant & lively electro-beat in the music put together by his brother/producer Joseph “ZUZU” de la Hoyde to the insightfully entertaining and sincere approach that Nick puts into his vocals, there’s audibly something for everyone here.

Like I was saying, we’ll be doing our part to spread the word on what this Sydney, Australia-based artist has created here with the song & video for “Hold Me Close” – you’ll even find it featured on the latest episode of SBS Live This Week along with some bonus thoughts about what Nick de la Hoyde is up to.  Not that I think he NEEDS any additional help in spreading the word about his music – if you look at his Facebook page you’ll see a JAW-DROPPING amount of support that boasts well-over 160000+ fans.

But like I was also saying – I think that’s for plenty of good reasons.  You can hear that Nick has bridged that gap as an artist and fully stepped right into his role in the spotlight as a professional, fully embracing his ability to connect to the music, and make the moment intensely sincere, melodic, passionate, real and straight-up magical for each and every one of us listening.  You get to see the world from Nick’s perspective in a song like “Hold Me Close” – and it’s a truly beautiful experience.

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