Rome Will Burn – “Loving Out Loud”

 Rome Will Burn – “Loving Out Loud”

Rome Will Burn – “Loving Out Loud” – Single Review

Vibrant, energetic and fresh-sounding, Rome Will Burn has released another dynamic addition to the ol’ catalog with the brand-new single “Loving Out Loud.”  Attention-grabbing with all the right parts in place – we’ve reviewed Rome Will Burn in the past but we’re still getting to know the music somewhat…still finding out what this project is capable of!  “Loving Out Loud” definitely has the signature-mark of the RWB electro-pop sound…but things have changed this time around; Alyssa Suede is pursuing the music of Rome Will Burn solo now.  The new song certainly seems consistent with the sound…I’m liking what I hear on this cut and it seems to be a solid progression that’s logical & in-step with what I’ve heard from Rome Will Burn in the past…there’s evolution but still enough of what we know to retain the magic of what we already loved in the music, sound & style from before.

RWB has a very distinct and identifiably-vibrant approach to the music and “Loving Out Loud” confidently carries on from where we had left off last time we heard the music.  This time I have the advantage of at least knowing what I might be in for…last time Rome Will Burn honestly got the drop on me and surprised me with a solid EP full of music that was a bit outside of my normal taste and pulled me right into the electrically-charged style/sound.  This time around, with “Loving Out Loud” I didn’t expect RWB would fool me twice…but I certainly expected to be pulled right in once again.  Alyssa has an incredibly strong grip on the direction in the writing, production, performance and sound…I expected big things and I felt like “Loving Out Loud” completely delivered on its end of the bargain.

Sometimes one of the best ways to judge a song is to imagine someone else also doing it, in their own style and approach…whoever it might be, whatever genre.  If you can hear the songwriting itself would transfer into different genres, styles or sounds from other artists & bands out there…it’s pretty safe to say you either have something seriously authentic in the song written, or just one terrific imagination when it comes to music and imagining things in general.  I like to think it speaks to the strengths in the writing and how the song could potentially be adapted…but it also highlights the songwriting as a whole if it’s able to exist in another realm potentially.  A good song is a good song, no matter where you put it or who ends up playing it.  I can hear that a song like “Loving Out Loud” has the anthem-potential to be a massive hit…and by all accounts, it should be.  Were this put out in the mainstream by a Gaga, Perry or Rihanna…or a band like Imagine Dragons, this would already have stormed & risen the charts just as strongly there as it is represented by the gigantic hit-count on the Rome Will Burn Soundcloud page and its high-placement independent charts.  “Loving Out Loud” is powerfully written, entirely noticeable & 100% memorable.

We all choose what we want to listen to…and as a massive supporter of independent music, I WANTED to be here…believe me…I really did…I came here with every intention to make whatever difference I could.  What I didn’t expect was that I would never WANT to leave it once I got here…and projects like Rome Will Burn and the innovative way the music is made & radiantly shines like it does on “Loving Out Loud” is certainly a solid example of why I would never even consider heading back to the mainstream full-time.  Why would I when the quality of music is this fantastic?  If the mainstream can’t get their shit together enough to recognize the incredible talent in compositions/ideas like this – well…I say too freakin’ bad!  I would certainly hope it doesn’t discourage Rome Will Burn…this is easily as good or great as any of the peers you might compare it with…I would hope Alyssa would be encouraged to help lead the battle to victory in the rise of the independents out there instead.

Because this…this is great!

“Loving Out Loud” really does sound like a call-to-arms that the people could really rally behind…and again, they should.  Alyssa is bold, confident in her performance and the result overall is flawless – she SOUNDS like a born leader on this track.  Rome Will Burn has once again proven to be exceptionally captivating and highly-charismatic…she nailed this one and I don’t have a complaint at all about a single thing here.  Rome Will Burn continues to pull me into the sound with incredible vocals and wildly-vivid music that has inspiring, empowering energy on “Loving Out Loud” – this is a song for the right here & now…the people out there are sure to dig this.

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