Month: <span>September 2014</span>

SBS Live This Week – 011

More behind the scenes of our first two complete years as a musical entity! Check out highlights and never-before-seen footage from your favorite acts of our show’s past as we get ready to head into a third exciting year in the independent music scene! Featuring music from Closer, Peter Nordberg, Balls Deep In Your Stepmom […]Read More

Yesterdays Promise – YP

Yesterdays Promise – YP – EP Review Chances are…there will be a LOT of things that stand out to you when listening to Yesterdays Promise; if this ISN’T the case for you…double-check your ears as I believe you’ve left several Q-Tips lodged in there. Admittedly, we all like what we like and love what we love […]Read More

Morning Fame – “Dreamality”

Morning Fame – “Dreamality” – Single Review With a misty & whispering opening, the new single from Canada’s own East-coast pop/rock sensation starts out subdued as it takes you through the fog. There’s a hint of epic-ness, just around the corner…it’s something you can FEEL; those opening moments provide a real chill of premonition. Morning Fame for […]Read More

Random Tongues – Random Tongues EP1

Random Tongues – Random Tongues EP1 – EP Review It’s really not too often that something comes across through these speakers as completely new in sound…you’ll never find me sitting in the ‘it’s all been done’ section, but I’d certainly admit that it’s tremendously more rare than we’d all probably like it to be. Yet here […]Read More

SBS Live This Week – 010

Join in the fun as we take you behind the scenes of our last two years of incredible adventures of SBS Live This Week! Featuring a full speech from Jer @ SBS at a record-label launch in January 2014 never before seen on the show, as well as music from 2KX, The Pit and, the […]Read More

Nobility – State Of Mind

Nobility – State Of Mind – Mixtape Review Let me start off by saying that if you’re going to only choose ONE mixtape based on the concept of growing up and living in the suburbs of Naperville, Illinois this summer…well, definitely make sure that it’s coming from rapper/producer Nobility! Okay, okay – yes…I realize that the […]Read More

Jonny Goode – Snakes & Ladders

Jonny Goode – Snakes & Ladders – Album Review HEY! Like…seriously! Who put the sticker on this album? I’m definitely assuming this didn’t come from one of our people – not even one of our readers would have done this; but I’m actually looking at instructions that are more or less leading me towards certain songs – […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – The Last Of

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – The Last Of The Originals – Album Review Well…hello to you all in Australia once again! It is literally and musically ALWAYS a pleasure to visit this beautiful continent full of wonderful talent – and I always make sure to tell you Aussies just how much I appreciate you […]Read More