Month: <span>January 2014</span>

Blindside Thunder – The Storm

Blindside Thunder – The Storm – Album Review Okay – so even if I lied my hardest to you at this point, you all know me well enough to know that straight ahead rock’n roll is about the biggest challenge I can have thrown my way. There’s no convincing you that I’m sitting here simultaneously […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 075

Find pictures of Blackout Lights at sleepingbagstudios from the links below! Album #0044: Album #0054: Album #0074: Album #0084: Album #0095: More

Oktayne – Prime Potential

Oktayne – Prime Potential – Album Review Eazy? Eazy is that really you? Rapper in review – Oktayne – references how he used to want to rap like Common, but after a thorough listen to his new LP Prime Potential you might come to the same conclusion I have here; Oktayne is much like what I’d […]Read More

No Longer The Hero

We all experience times throughout our creativity and personal lives where we feel like we didn’t quite hit the mark. Sometimes, in the process and pursuit of the art we love we can let people down, even let ourselves down at times. But we bounce back, if only to a more realistic vision of ourselves and our […]Read More

Take Me Home And Love Me – Compilation

Various Artists – Take Me Home And Love Me – Compilation Review Nothing makes me crack a smile like random creativity. This multi-artist disc, Take Me Home And Love Me, is all over the musical map and full of ideas you could sit on your couch for years and still never dream up. And I appreciate that! So […]Read More

Qon J. Jamal – One Man Show

Qon J. Jamal – One Man Show – Album Review There are two things I can really dig in rap verse spit WELL; commitment and style above all. Qon J. Jamal has just recently dropped this album One Man Show – a complete rap set that leaves no room for doubt about just how much hard […]Read More

The Thiefs – It’s Not You, It’s Us

The Thiefs – It’s Not You, It’s Us – EP Review Now here’s something interesting! Through our show SBS Live This Week and here on the page at we’ve talked plenty about that quest for timelessness in songwriting; specifically pondering on how to go about achieving songs or albums that stand the test of […]Read More

Young Coconut – I Got A Vibe

Young Coconut – I Got A Vibe – Album Review I’m not exactly sure why I assumed this was going to be an emcee ripping rhymes into the mic…I couldn’t have been farther off! Well…for the most part at least. Young Coconut is much more pop/rock/experimental… This album is a musical project a long time in the […]Read More