Month: <span>October 2013</span>

Jimmy Mac – Lucky Star

Jimmy Mac – Lucky Star – Album Review Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy…WHAT are you up to here? Immediately in my first listen I can hear a strong songwriter right off the bat. Between the opening and title track “Lucky Star” and “Happily Wasted” I’m already convinced that Jimmy Mac has a complete gift for writing a song […]Read More

Matthew Heller – Invitation

Matthew Heller – Invitation – Album Review I have taken longer in preparing this review than I’ve ever taken before. If you’ve read these reviews in the past, you know I quite often start out with an apology on how long it has taken to get it on the page, but let me tell ya…Matthew Heller […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 063

Find photos of This Day Burns from sleepingbagstudios at the links below! Album #0027: Album #0040: Album #0131: Album #0146: Album #0180: More

The Jesus Clause – Downtime

The Jesus Clause – Downtime – Album Review YES. You know what’s awesome? This. New. Album. This band The Jesus Clause is the sole work of a nineteen year-old wonder-kid named Trevor Hook and man has he stumbled onto some incredible sounds. Each different from the one before, layered, looped and textured to a blissful musical state – […]Read More

Human Behavior – Golgotha

Human Behavior – Golgotha – Album Review To be completely honest – at many times listening to this new album from Human Behavior, I found myself wondering HOW on earth it was able to retain its immaculate authenticity. It takes nearly all of my concentration when writing lyrics to not write them in a sequence, a […]Read More

Mitchell Bay

Mitchell Bay Communication. That’s the heart of all rap music isn’t it? What started as an underground common thread to a few has been now longstanding within the mainstream but that element of communication and shout-outs to the masses remains. Meet Mitchell Bay – rap artist from BC, Canada and focused wordsmith; not only in his music – […]Read More

SBS Origin Story: The 3rd

Alright…it has been a long long time since I put out an origin story of the beginnings of SBS Live This Week…and the show turns ONE YEAR OLD on Nov. 17th – so here you go! Shortly after the second interview we ever completed with IRON KINGDOM and deciding that I still had a valid […]Read More


I’d have to line up the text side-by-side to see who really went on longer during this interview. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I’ll fill that blank in for ya – EXTREMELY! I’d like to introduce you to Jesse from CitySpeak – a one man army of electro and a truly dedicated and passionate fan of all things music. […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 061

Find pictures of Aztec from sleepingbagstudios at the links below! Album #0042: Album #0053: Album #0080: Album #0090: Album #0119: More