Month: <span>October 2013</span>


It would be very easy to tell if someone had really listened to the music of Stalin. What could easily be dismissed as shock-rock actually exists on a plain that’s more in a style that’s aggressive – but fair. Intelligent – but pointed and certain. One thing that is for absolute certain – Stalin is no stranger to […]Read More

Evoletah – We Ache For The Moon

Evoletah – We Ache For The Moon – Album Review I remember way back when I had first lived with my studio partner, Rob @ SBS, long ago before our studio ever existed and we were just tuning into the different talents for music that we possess. It was one of those seemingly endless summers of […]Read More

Unified Giants – Rise

Unified Giants – Rise – Album Review Heads up rap & hip-hop fans – this one’s for you! In review today we have the new album from a crew from the USA; Unified Giants are on my playlist this morning with their new album – Rise. When you check into this crew, it mentions right on their […]Read More

Leadsucker – Burn

Leadsucker – Burn – Album Review I have to admit – it’s not every day that I’ll find an album with THIRTY songs on it that spans a total length less than any of the TEN-song Weezer albums out there, but that’s exactly what you’re in for here today in this review of the new […]Read More

Electrician – “This Is How We Do It”

Electrician – “That’s How We Do It” – Single Review Every once in a while I get asked to review someone’s latest work; in fact, if you’re reading this you’ve probably already come to notice that. In this coming week you’ll come to appreciate the diversity in that first statement as we range from covering an […]Read More

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