Year: 2016

Herman Martinez – Solopsi Radio

Herman Martinez – Solopsi Radio – Album Review Welcome to the verifiable musical-mind & mayhem of Herman Martinez…which, for those that don’t know would be something similar to a full-on maze or labyrinth of sorts; mired in the dark-sludge and grind of a real grunge-rock sound…the music on Solopsi Radio is intense, heavy in sound […]Read More

Carly Van Skaik – Carly Van Skaik

Carly Van Skaik – Carly Van Skaik – EP Review I’ve pretty much always got time of day for a sound like Carly’s. This sounds similar to the atmospheres and music I began to fall in love with over the course of my 20’s…where bands like Massive Attack, Hooverphonic and Zero-7 were sending their transmissions […]Read More

Jake Aldridge – “Give You The World”

Jake Aldridge – “Give You The World” – Single Review Not too much debate about the world-region you’d find Jake Aldridge in after hearing the infamous UK-accent as he starts into the first verse of his brand-new single “Give You The World.” Not really sure if even I could put my finger on exactly what […]Read More

Tossing Pennies

You wouldn’t know it but I didn’t actually learn Eric’s name until I received this interview back from the Tossing Pennies camp…how unreal is that right? Whether it was an intentional thing or not…I ended up going with it…I dug the approach of anonymity and letting the facts about the music simply speak for themselves. […]Read More

Oscar Webster Bell – Singles

Oscar Webster Bell – Singles Reviewed Some people find an entirely different connection to music in life…not one that’s any better or any worse than going the typical band or artist route…just different. Oscar Webster Bell is certainly the type of musician that heads down that different path to explore, find out more and eventually […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 022

A short all-music episode on the SBS Podcast with Ryan & Jer still equals TONS of awesomeness! Featuring music from: Birds Over Arkansas – DWARF – Red Martian – A Love Like Pi And we’ll start it all off with a song from this year’s reader-voted Best New Sound of 2015 here at sleepingbagstudios: Count […]Read More

Language & Lyrics – French

Language & Lyrics – French – Album Review So…yeah…I mean…I suppose there’s no hiding the fact that I’ll literally listen to EVERYTHING when I’m sitting here listening to and reviewing an album full of music written for the purposes of teaching people the French language is there? Come on though…you know I must have a […]Read More

AllDayNight – Open The Sky

AllDayNight – Open The Sky – EP Review The title-track, “Open The Sky” begins the experience of listening to AllDayNight. With bright harmonies, sweet-singing and gentle melodies…I looked to see what I could find out on this band, but things are still so fresh and so new for AllDayNight that there isn’t much out there […]Read More

The Phlod-Nar – Morphogenesis

The Phlod-Nar – Morphogenesis – Album Review Awesome…this is the kind of stuff the late-night hours are built of! The Phlod-Nar has just set up to release the brand-new album Morphogenesis at the end of January on the 29th…I’m just that lucky kind of music-guy that happens to get the word on stuff a little […]Read More

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