Year: <span>2016</span>

The Official Best New Sound Of 2016!

MASSIVE congratulations to The Quality Of Mercury for becoming our official BEST NEW SOUND of 2016! The final days of our search led to an enormous amount of votes coming through, and it was great to see even those that were trailing still gained ground right up until the moment it was all over.  I’d […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Blood And Bones”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Blood And Bones” – Single Review Wild Bill returns on his pursuit towards the next record for Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders with a new single called “Blood And Bones” from the upcoming album Greenbah.  I’ve notoriously enjoyed quite a bit of their straight-to-the-bone rock-music in the […]Read More

Dave’s Neck – “Knock Knock Idiot”

Dave’s Neck – “Knock Knock Idiot” – Single Review You know…not only has global warming significantly increased in the past decade, but so has the amount of genres in music!  How come no one talks about the rise of those to the dangerous levels we experience today?  I swear they’re threatening to take over the […]Read More

RJ Griffith – Prey

RJ Griffith – Prey – EP Review + Bonus Singles Faith-based music really needs a champion like this. For real – it’s not like it’s any kind of secret or anything…music that carries the good word has nearly always proven to be savagely tough to slog through in any genre.  From the all-too-gentle acoustic guitar-strummin’ […]Read More

SBS Quest For Best New Sound 2016: 3/4 Results!

Another fantastic quarter has gone by, leaving but one and only one quarter left for you to cast your vote and support your favorite nomination for this year’s Best New Sound to be immortalized on our site forever on our Wall Of Fame being installed first thing in the new year! 3/4 into the voting […]Read More

Stereoshifter – Dumb Luck

Stereoshifter – Dumb Luck – EP Review You know something?  I’m pulling for these guys…I genuinely want Stereoshifter to find the success they deserve and sincerely want this project to continue after everything I’ve heard and experienced on their Dumb Luck EP.  Of all the misleading titles!  There’s not an ounce of dumb luck on […]Read More

Salmon Friends – Salmon Friends

Salmon Friends – Salmon Friends – EP Review T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a Salmon… Adaptation right?  You can call it whatever you like…but make no mistake, after writing as many of these reviews as I have personally, I’m always on an endless […]Read More

Darknaut – Exile

Darknaut – Exile – EP Review Whether you’d call it synthwave, darkwave, ambitious-electro or something else entirely…whether you’re one of those people that considers everything electronic to be electronica…whatever it is you want to call it – one thing I think has become more & more clear with one of music’s youngest genres over time […]Read More

0152 – Modern Day Poets

I can’t speak highly enough of the Modern Day Poets crew. In 2015, I hijacked Ryan @ SBS and took him down to the Media Club in Vancouver, BC to check out one of my favorite rock-bands, Blackout Lights.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, not only were we taking in a whole bunch of […]Read More

Twenty Two B – “Karma Is A Bitch”

Twenty Two B – “Karma Is A Bitch” – Music Video Release Check out a brand-new jam from Twenty Two B – “Karma Is A Bitch” was released earlier this month in December and has racked up thousands-upon-thousands of views & listens since – and for plenty good reason!  You don’t often get to make […]Read More