Violet Orchestra – “Sunshine Yellow”

 Violet Orchestra – “Sunshine Yellow”

Violet Orchestra – “Sunshine Yellow” – Single Review

Let it not be said any otherwise – listening to Violet Orchestra is always a verifiable trip.

Easily one of the most artfully-minded bands out there in the scene today, this duo of Sister Nyx & Spiros Maus has proven time & time again that the vibrantly expressive music they make is a genuine reflection of their multi-colored view of the world & their penchant for radiant sound.  While it’s always fair to say that they’ve decisively gone in their own direction that’s much different than so much of what you’d find out there in the scene, with their genuine ambitions of creating audible art for us all to enjoy, they continue to win me over with their impressive combinations.  Like I said from the start – they’re always a trip to listen to – but I mean exactly what I say – it’s like you step into an entirely new realm altogether when you listen to this pair of talent in action…and on “Sunshine Yellow,” they’re every bit as vivid & imaginative as ever, making it feel like we’ve slipped right into a painting come to life somehow.

I’d actually be interested in how much time they’ve spent listening to Bowie really.  Ultimately there are a million differences between David’s music and that of Violet Orchestra, but there are also striking similarities as well, from the theme to the way that Sister Nyx sings.  She certainly complements the overall otherworldly vibes and audible-voyages in sound that Spiros creates, that much I can tell ya for certain, and equally vice-versa.  They make truly visionary art through their music, and as of late they’ve really been emphasizing that aspect of their sound & style through their singles released this year like “Lily Pearl” and more recently on “The Kid Who Came From Outer Space.”  When you’re listening to Violet Orchestra, they detail everything in their lyrics & vocals & music combined to really accentuate and enhance an all-encompassing atmosphere where each layer added builds upon the last.  In the sense that like all artistic endeavors, opinions of what they do will likely vary – that’s always a risk that’s inherent to being original; and it’s always one worth taking.  Those that get what Violet Orchestra do & what they’re all about are bound to be fans for life – and singles like “Sunshine Yellow” should do well in expanding their audience even further.  The hooks in the music & vocals are tangible and well designed – but it’s the refreshing vibe of the combination overall that’s actually the main hook we’re hearing – the warm glow, the welcoming spirit, the hopeful sentiment of new beginnings & starting over…it’s quite a pretty song when it comes right down to it, one that can be admired like looking at the colors of a crystal, just as much as it can be enjoyed as the pure entertainment it’s intended to be, in audio form.

Sister Nyx glides gracefully, beautifully, and boldly through this remarkable track Spiros has produced so insightfully well; they’ve been working together for quite a while at this point in their career, and you can hear how comfortable they are in that regard through the music their making now.  Songs like “Sunshine Yellow” essentially can’t ever be fully realized without complete creative freedom and the confidence within the players of your band, and Violet Orchestra continually proves they know what their strengths are in their songwriting & sound, and know exactly how to get the maximum potential out of their ideas.  That confidence you’re looking for is there between these two talents combined, and within that special relationship & bond they have in music, significant breakthroughs in their art are being achieved & revealed each time they come out with a brand-new tune and they continue to dial right into their craft with such enthusiasm & passion.  It’s always been radiantly apparent that Violet Orchestra authentically loves what they do from the music to the microphone, and I really felt like “Sunshine Yellow” brought that inspired spirit they have straight to the forefront of our speakers.  They proudly pursue the unknown through their music, and as a result, they’re gonna “build a new life piece by piece…beautiful, wonderful, a masterpiece…” and a legacy of sound that is destined to be regarded as true art in the process.  Love the vibrant bounce & colorful depth in the music overall, love the mystery & melody combined within the vocals of Sister Nyx, and I absolutely adore the instrumental breakdown/bridge this song has around the 1:50 mark that takes this song into its second minute – a perfectly added layer to really make a massively memorable moment in the music shine in the spotlight like it deserves to as well.  These two are really damn good at what they do, and like I’ve been tellin’ ya, each time we find them on our playlists again, they make their music an experience to truly behold.

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