Violet Orchestra – “Desperate To Dance”

Violet Orchestra – “Desperate To Dance” – Single Review Well now!  Here’s a song that expresses a whole gear I’ve never once experienced personally. Mind you, I’m mercilessly repressed in just about every way – don’t get your life-advice from me folks. Musically, I tend to know at least a little bit about what I’m […]Read More

Violet Orchestra – “Sunshine Yellow”

Violet Orchestra – “Sunshine Yellow” – Single Review Let it not be said any otherwise – listening to Violet Orchestra is always a verifiable trip. Easily one of the most artfully-minded bands out there in the scene today, this duo of Sister Nyx & Spiros Maus has proven time & time again that the vibrantly […]Read More

Violet Orchestra – “The Kid Who Came From Outer Space”

Violet Orchestra – “The Kid Who Came From Outer Space” – Single Review So many thoughts! A track like “The Kid Who Came From Outer Space” will definitely get your wheels turning, that I can tell ya.  This is the second track we’ve heard from Violet Orchestra since they burst onto the scene with their […]Read More

Violet Orchestra – “Lily Pearl”

Violet Orchestra – “Lily Pearl” – Single Review So… …well… …I suppose the best place to start is to express that, even though it can often be extremely hard to say goodbye to the music we love sometimes, as long as it sprouts a new avenue, project, or band…then it’s kind of tough to complain, […]Read More