TheGAMRKage – “I Am A Dragon”

 TheGAMRKage – “I Am A Dragon”

TheGAMRKage – “I Am A Dragon” – Single Review

Fuck that I’m proud of myself.”  #Heard

One of the realest conversations I heard this year was about how we need to be our own inspiration.  You look at that quote up top, and it’s clear that TheGAMRKage would get what that’s all about.  We could sit around all day and wait for a hundred or a million likes on whatever the fuck, or we could simply put your head down, do the work, and know that at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

If you can do that, I promise ya, you’ll have some random dude like myself come out of the woodwork one day that’ll be like, “I’m fuckin’ proud of you too TheGAMRKage,” and it’ll mean something.  For real – it’s true…especially in this particular situation where it’s actually TheGAMRKage we’re talking about.

No joke though, he’s accomplished one of THE TOUGHEST things to accomplish in any aspect of music & an artist’s career, and he did it on day one – he established his identity, and was instantly memorable.  I’ve never forgotten him – and I can still hear his music in my head just like I’ve freshly pressed play.  It’s been about a year and a half now since I heard his first single, and I can’t remember whatever the hell I did yesterday.  So that should tell you something y’all…the dude’s gifted & there ain’t no doubt about it.

Obviously, if you’re listening to “I Am A Dragon” or watching this kickass lyric-video he’s got supporting it, you’ll see that there has been some doubts throughout the years as he was getting himself going, and like many of you, had to not only battle with all that internal stuff, but the fuckin’ haters & shit around him as well.  Because if there’s anything we need as creative types and unique individuals, it’s a whole bunch of dickheads that want to fill our thoughts with doubts so that we turn out like they will one day, right?  Fuck that.  Enter the dragon.  Be the dragon.  “I Am A Dragon” in my life – I hope you are in yours too.  With the advantages of time, experience, and perspective, TheGAMRKage has become the dragon in his own life, and thanks to all the effort he’s put in, he’s now been able to inspire others on the daily.

What’s remarkable to me, but not surprising given that I’ve had the privilege of watching him rise up to a level of greatness that he SHOULD BE proud of, is that he keeps on getting better each time he shows up.  It’s hard to say if “I Am The Dragon” is quite as memorable as a couple cuts I’ve heard from him in the past…time always tells the true story on that way down the road…I suspect that it probably IS, but what’s more impressive to me this time revolves much more around the craft and skill he’s rockin’ with on the m-i-c.  As in, I’d probably remember “I Am The Dragon” more for his precision and the swagger in his personality more than I would any one particular hook, if that makes sense.  Listening to this man string together syllables into bulletproof bars…it’s something else y’all…TheGAMRKage is a wordsmith in his own right without question.  Keep in mind, with his intense love of all-things-anime, I know about half of the words he chooses, but he’s still a wordsmith all the same.  A wordsmith for a new generation – how about that?  Ain’t no point in catering to a dude like myself that’s practically older than time is.

All kidding aside, he does what he does extremely well.  Ultimately, as far as I know, this is real love of the game type shit too y’all…TheGAMRKage is heavily invested in a whole bunch of other stuff in life if I recall correctly…he doesn’t NEED to make music, he’s here because it’s something he WANTS to do, and I dig that.  I genuinely find the guy as entertaining as he is inspiring, and it’s great to hear him thriving.  Dude raps with intense precision and skill…there’s a serious art to the way he puts his words together, genuine thought behind what he chooses to say, and authenticity that can’t be denied.  “I Am A Dragon” should be one of those tracks you put on like people put on “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, you know what I mean?  It’s got that pump-you-up vibe to it that should make you feel like you can get out there and run up a full flight of Rocky stairs, flip over a whole car, or conquer the planet…definitely one of these things.

Nothing to change & no issues as far as I can hear…the man’s in remarkable shape on a lyrical level and puts a flawless performance into “I Am A Dragon” – if you’re lookin’ for a quality cut from the music to the microphone, The GAMRKage has got you covered.  This dude never seems to overlook anything important when it comes time for him to step back into the studio booth…I’m stoked on what I hear in the man’s latest single, and feel like he’s earned his rightful place on your playlist by putting in the work.

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