The New Occupants And Mr MooQ – “Super Boom”

 The New Occupants And Mr MooQ – “Super Boom”

The New Occupants And Mr MooQ – “Super Boom” – Single Review

Well…at least we’ve got an anthem for the end of the world now.

So…hmm…you know, I think I actually feel the slightest pangs of guilt for liking this song as much as I do.  What do you do when you come up against a single that is like, ridiculously addictive, and FRIGHTENINGLY prescient at the same time?  Am I supposed to cheer on the destruction of our planet?  Is that what The New Occupants and Mr MooQ are asking of us?  Because they’ve made it kind of hard not to, if not outright impossible – the song is great, the video is stellar, the concept is brilliant, and the execution is completely perfect – what’s not to love except maybe that sense of impending doom that this collaborative effort reminds you about during the course of lyrics found within “Super Boom?”

We could look at it like we have historically in some ways – the annihilation of the human race isn’t necessarily an entirely new concept inside of music, we’ve been there before in various themes.  Maybe this single seems to hit home with me more readily because I’ve always been terrified of AI and the rise of the machines for as long as I can remember.  With that inevitability of our own demise feeling like it’s lurking right around the corner and closer than ever, believe me – I’ve been singing along with this song with a huge lump in my throat at the same time, wondering if I ever even had any actual choice in my own participation!  Maybe the machines WANTED me to sing and dance along with “Super Boom,” and maybe I’ve surrendered my autonomy years ago without even realizing it…maybe I’m just a meat puppet that AI can choose to move and shake my limbs whenever it feels like doing so.  YIKES y’all – you see what I mean?  Don’t get it twisted for a moment, I absolutely love what I hear in this song, but at the same time, you can’t help but feel like you’re grooving to the very last thing you’ll find in your speakers before the whole damn world goes POOF!  I suppose it’s fair to say there would be many worse ways to go out…if “Super Boom” is the soundtrack to our final moments, I guess I’d be dying happy and satisfied.

This is not the first experience I’ve had with the collaboration between The New Occupants & Mr MooQ releasing a song that is not only insanely catchy, but extremely thought-provoking – they nailed it back in 2018 with a single called “Be Careful What You Listen To” as well.  At this point, I’ve simply gotta say that this collaborative effort has gotta continue until that “Super Boom” eventually comes to claim us all – because they’ve proven to be capable of putting out genius-level songs with totally irresistible vibes.  If you could have told me that I’d be sitting here jamming a track that talks about being enslaved by AI and keeping humans in a zoo, with SHOCKINGLY SPECIFIC details on how that’s gonna go down, all the way to the big ol’ “Super Boom” at the end of our existence in the final steps of The Singularity…well…I might never have even pushed play if I’m being honest with ya.  I ain’t lyin’ – this shit TERRIFIES me, and I’m going to be up ALL NIGHT with this song in my head wondering if the machines purposely put it in there!

For real…The New Occupants and Mr MooQ have genuinely created a masterpiece with this song, and I’m equally impressed with the video that’s come out to support it.  There’s not a damn thing I’d change about this if I’m being real with ya, no matter how much it might personally scare the living daylights outta me due to how FREAKISHLY ACCURATE this concept seems to me.  The music from The New Occupants is excellent & can’t help but grab your attention with its radiant energy, and the vocals from Mr MooQ are sensational, straight-up.  With appearances by Andy LaCasse (Guitar), Bryan Forrester & Baibi Vegners (Backup Vocals), and a mix provided by Klubjumpers – this AI-driven concept sounds impressively ALIVE and so damn real you’ll be every bit as convinced as I am that the “Super Boom” is guaranteed to be coming to a theater near you much quicker than we’d probably like it to be, and I ain’t talking about Oppenheimer, you feel me?  We’re talkin’ about that extinction-level event, created by our own stupidity and hubris combined.  I’ll put it to ya this way…things are speeding along so quickly in the world of AI that there is more than a good chance that this could be the LAST single we’ll ever hear by The New Occupants and Mr MooQ before the “Super Boom” happens for real!  I’m really not sure if the machines will be willing to give us a stereo system, or even a first generation Ipod on the other side of the bars in the ol’ human zoo – so enjoy this while you can – this might just be the last song you ever hear before LIFE as we know it is truly over.  I don’t know if I can say that I’ve ever had this much fun while picturing the end of planet Earth and its inhabitants so crystal clearly…but here it is, and here we are (for now).  I think I’m gonna stop looping this song on repeat, at least for the rest of the day and go outside in nature to appreciate the life I’ve got while I still have it.  Then I’m gonna come right back home and spin this all over again, watch the video another dozen times, STUDY IT so that I know how this whole story ends…and then see if I can figure out how to contact John Conner somehow, A.S.A.P.

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