Mr MooQ – “Good Luck With That”

Mr MooQ – “Good Luck With That” – Single Review Here’s one of the more quirky characters from out there in the music-scene. Perhaps you remember the man…Mr MooQ has had his music featured here in reviews from around the summer of last year when we checked out singles like “Double Happiness,” “Dreaming In Color,” […]Read More

Mr MooQ – “Dreaming In Color”

Mr MooQ – “Dreaming In Color” – Single Review It was just back in May that we first got turned on to the music of Mr MooQ through his single “Double Happiness” – and then it really wasn’t all that long after that he was a featured guest on the single “Be Careful What You […]Read More

The New Occupants – “Be Careful What You Listen To”

The New Occupants – “Be Careful What You Listen To” Featuring Mr. MooQ – Single Review Bloody brilliant. This is like the Blue Man Group met King Missile and then set forth to conquer the world. And dammit – I sure as hell hope it does – a song like this SHOULD catch on…not just […]Read More

Mr. MooQ – “Double Happiness”

Mr. MooQ – “Double Happiness” – Single Review Here’s a cut that’ll put ya in a great mood. I took a quick peek at Mr. MooQ’s page at Facebook at quickly realized that there was no way I could figure out what I was about to be in for when listening to his new single […]Read More