Tanner Gordon – Start Again

Tanner Gordon – Start Again – Album Review There was a week back in October last year that I was introduced to the music of Tanner Gordon, both as an artist, and as a member of his band The Unfortunates; it wasn’t your ordinary quick hello – I ended checking out a whole plethora of […]Read More

SBS Podcast 135

It’s almost hard to even imagine the cold is coming soon on a show this hot!  A 50/50 split between Canadian tunes and the rest of the map – come check out a whole lineup of awesomeness gathered from the independent music-scene we know & love.  We’ll be spinning songs from HEAD, per[sona, Acharya, Steven […]Read More

Tanner Gordon – “Start Again” / “Empty Promises”

Tanner Gordon – “Start Again” / “Empty Promises” – Singles Review Well now – looky here will ya? It’s gotta be feelin’ real good to be Tanner Gordon right about now…likely feelin’ better & better by the day in fact.  It’s been twelve years since he last dropped a solo record according to the ol’ […]Read More

Tanner Gordon – “Over”

Highly impressed with Tanner Gordon & the music this dude is makin’ solo, and in his band The Unfortunates…you might have clued into that with the earlier posting of his lyric video for “Safe” and the fact that he’s appearing on our pages twice today.  As good as any one tune may be, what can […]Read More

Tanner Gordon – “Safe”

Tanner Gordon is “Safe” and on solid ground as far as our ears are concerned over here.  Our Canadian brethren takin’ on a solo session apart from his band The Unfortunates, Tanner beams out a highly inviting slice of Indie Pop/Rock with a delicate approach to the music and a fantastic vocal performance to go […]Read More