Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted”

Fun FACT – we’ve never stopped loving on the music of Xavier Toscano here at SBS! Need proof?  How about this then?  We were first introduced to him back in 2014 through a review on his album Feels So Good…then in 2015, we posted up his video for “Never Wanna Leave” right here at these […]Read More

SBS Podcast 093

One last episode for ya in May to dig on before the summer officially kicks into full gear, stocked & loaded with killer cuts from Neon Radiation, LoFi Chill, Duhon, Voluptas Mors, Will Dee, Xavier Toscano, and TheKunig – plus we’ll be talking about what’s happenin’ & what’s up with artists Tru Heru and TheKidTally […]Read More

SBS Podcast 026

Come check out some of the latest from the independent music-scene in the world of Electro-Pop on this week’s episode.  As we start digging further into specific genres, we’ve got some awesome shows coming up with all kinds of cohesive threads between the music.  This week…as we take on Electro-Pop to start it off, we’ll […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 011

Absolutely awesome to talk to this Canadian band!  Check out the latest episode of the SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer featuring an interview with main guests Was It The Walrus from the eastern-side of our country, freshly back from an extended hiatus and ready to put out a whole ton of brand new music […]Read More

Xavier Toscano – “Never Wanna Leave”

Hey right ON! Here’s a new video from a guy we already know and love!  Xavier Toscano is back with the video for his single “Never Wanna Leave” from his 2014 release Feels So Good.  If you’ve been following our spiels here at sleepingbagstudios, then you certainly already know we’ve got mad love for this […]Read More

Xavier Toscano – Feels So Good

Huge fan of this sound; let me say that right off the bat. I’m not totally sure what I thought I was in for here…the name…Xavier Toscano…I suppose it threw me off just slightly. Not much, just a bit. To me – that sounds like a name born for the dance-music world, but what I […]Read More