Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted”

 Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted”

Fun FACT – we’ve never stopped loving on the music of Xavier Toscano here at SBS!

Need proof?  How about this then?  We were first introduced to him back in 2014 through a review on his album Feels So Good…then in 2015, we posted up his video for “Never Wanna Leave” right here at these very pages of ours.  Even though that might have been the last ‘official’ time we’d posted him up – we’ve gone rogue plenty over the years to show his music the love it deserves with appearances on the SBS Podcast in 2017 AND more recently, earlier this spring in 2020 where we actually played this very song, “Apologies Wasted” on our shows!  We know a quality single & song when we hear one!  That’s STILL not enough proof though, you say?  How about the fact that I STILL rock the official promo sunglasses that came along with the Feels So Good album from back when it was released, proudly to this very day!  You gotta be a real fan to know the underground promo schwag is out there – right?  Believe me when I say, Xavier Toscano has always had the magic, and “Apologies Wasted” was not just a highlight in the set of songs on Feels So Good, but a seriously single-worthy tune all-around.  Definitely one that deserved the full support of a video behind it, and even though it seems to have escaped us upon its initial release, as I’ve indicated to ya, there’s always time for more Toscano in our lives here and I’m always into revisiting what Xavier has put out there into the world.  Better yet – I’m always into sharing what I find with YOU – so check it out for yourselves if you’re not among the hundreds of thousands of people that have already – or heck, spin it again even if you have!  I’ve always got time for this dude’s tunes – you should too…if you haven’t before, make some right now – check out “Apologies Wasted” below!

Make sure to find out more about Xavier Toscano at his official homepage at:  https://xaviertoscano.com

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