Derek Releford – “Walk Away”

Derek Releford – “Walk Away” – Single Review So here’s the deal… Artists & bands that regularly seek us out here at SBS, become the toughest to write about over time.  I’m not necessarily talking about you folks that release a record once a year or every two – I’m talking about the people out […]Read More

Saba Brothers – “Walk Away”

Saba Brothers – “Walk Away” – Single Review Talk about a tight lineup!  Three brothers, one band! Probably pretty tough to crack into this band unless you’ve got biology working in your favor – but on the bright-side of things, they’ve clearly already got everything they need between the three of them.  The new single […]Read More

A.M.P. – ”Hate My Boss”/”Walk Away”

A.M.P. – ”Hate My Boss”/”Walk Away” Featuring Cearrow Muri – Singles Review Solid couple of singles from A.M.P. – this is a man that’s clearly got Hip-Hop in his blood.  The man can rhyme…there’s no doubt about that, either of these two singles will confirm that for you quickly – but LISTEN to the amount […]Read More

AHZEM – “Walk Away”

AHZEM – “Walk Away” – Single Review Here’s an interesting and serious track in more ways than one. Not only are the subject matter and lyrics in “Walk Away” completely based in reality, complex issues & emotional states – but it’s also produced by a talented dude going by the moniker of Serious. I don’t […]Read More