SBS Podcast 067

Ready to take ya all over the musical map with a whole range of sounds & songs from our incredible independent music-scene – come join in the audio awesomeness!  Got excellent stuff in the mix from Cheena Black Monrow, Toby Poynter, Matthew Hipps, Dylan Schneider, I, Useless, and Onetwothreescream for ya on the show today, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 027

Brand-new episode digging into the independent-scene’s penchant for crossing the borders of genres and physical landscapes to get to your waiting ears! Featuring music from: Carry Illinois, Austin Jones Band, Evoletah, Yellow Paper Planes, The Grave Jinglers, Empire Of Gold, Jack Alacka, Robyn Cage, Suits Boulevard and a brand-new tune pre-release from Toby Poynter!   […]Read More

Toby Poynter – “The War On D”

Toby Poynter – “The War On D” – Single Review This man is on a serious roll right now. After checking out his singles “A New Beginning” and “The Comeback” at the end of 2016, I was already convinced that singer/songwriter Toby Poynter had a verifiable future you could hear in his music.  Confirming my […]Read More

SBS Podcast 021

Brand-new debut tunes from killer new bands/artists like Subtle Kind Of Murder, Stereoshifter, Toby Poynter, Headchange and MrOrijinal in addition to further exploring the music we know & love from Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders, The Affectionates, Vaultry, Salmon Friends and AZTEC – come get some!   This week’s official playlist includes: Billy Roberts […]Read More

Toby Poynter – “Melancholia”

Toby Poynter – “Melancholia” – Single Review The last time I wrote about Toby Poynter in early November of 2016…I promised you that this guy had himself a bonafide future in music calling him to claim his moment in the spotlight.  As I’ve mentioned so many times before, it’s a complete privilege to be able […]Read More

Toby Poynter – “A New Beginning”/”The Comeback”

Toby Poynter – “A New Beginning”/”The Comeback” – Singles Review Word on the street is that Toby Poynter is making the purest music he’s made so far to-date.  After being in several bands throughout his lifetime – he’s settled into solo-life now…and from what I’ve read, he’s truly found a home as the captain of […]Read More