SBS Podcast 021

 SBS Podcast 021

Brand-new debut tunes from killer new bands/artists like Subtle Kind Of Murder, Stereoshifter, Toby Poynter, Headchange and MrOrijinal in addition to further exploring the music we know & love from Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders, The Affectionates, Vaultry, Salmon Friends and AZTEC – come get some!


This week’s official playlist includes:

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Who Do You Think You Are”

The Affectionates – “I Pick You”

Subtle Kind Of Murder – “Hang On”

Stereoshifter – “All I Can Stand”

Vaultry – “Ghost Writing”

Salmon Friends – “After The Sun Sets”

Toby Poynter – “Melancholia”

Headchange – “Soon”

AZTEC – “Black Art And Star Charts”

MrOrijinal – “Grigora X1”


"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."