Toby Poynter – “Melancholia”

 Toby Poynter – “Melancholia”

Toby Poynter – “Melancholia” – Single Review

The last time I wrote about Toby Poynter in early November of 2016…I promised you that this guy had himself a bonafide future in music calling him to claim his moment in the spotlight.  As I’ve mentioned so many times before, it’s a complete privilege to be able to listen to a new artist or band’s career develop…that progression from song-to-song, album-to-album, experience-to-experience – when someone is really on their way, it’s something you can absolutely hear.  Like a puzzle-piece locking into the exact place it should…you get a real sense of satisfaction and completeness when you hear it all really going right for someone like you hear it going for Poynter on this latest single “Melancholia.”

Songs, ideas and visions as fully-realized as this are so much rarer than you think…and even though I know I enjoyed the tunes we’d reviewed from Poynter in the past – my ears are boldly telling me that this is certainly the best we’ve heard him so far, without question.  I am seriously stoked about everything I’m hearing on “Melancholia” – it’s not out until January 20th officially…I’ve got my pre-release copy rocking my stereo in the studio here and let me assure you it’s a date you can look forward to this year – mark it on your calendars and be sure to get yourself a copy of this tune from Toby.

“Melancholia” makes an immediate impact – the powerful emotion in the chord progressions and accenting lead-guitars in this song are sonically impressive and absolutely connect right to the listening ear instantly.  As it plays on, it’ll reveal itself quickly to be the slow-burning intensity that really echoes and booms sincerity as it moves – and Toby’s vocals have never sounded so damn good!  Like a mix of Stipe, Vedder & Springsteen all rolled into one…he’s got a ferocious edge to his melody, tone and demeanor that sounds 100% right into the music and moment he’s created here – and he should be.  The guitars are blissful perfection in their melancholy state, drums and bass hold the rhythm-section solidly in-place – and no matter where this song turns from intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solos and final ending, Poynter seriously came out winning on “Melancholia.”  Like I said – it’s rare to get it ALL right like this – but this is an atmosphere & groove that’s powerful enough to remember.

I mean I know it’s early and only January & all, but it’s definitely the best song I’ve heard so far this year!

No joke…for me it all came down to Poynter’s absolutely mesmerizing performance on the vocals and the incredible accenting notes of the lead-guitar that really brought out the melody-line in the music.  The way that Toby lets those first & third lines of the chorus drift into the harmonies is pure genius and sounds absolutely incredible; every part he’s written here has outstanding texture and hooks that have depth and plunge right in to stay.

I was almost surprised to enjoy the bridge as much as I did, because I really love the melancholy vibe that “Melancholia” holds throughout most of its structure; at the bridge, Poynter takes the music in an uplifting direction and continues to stay there right til the very end of the tune in a rad twist to the energy and sound.  While I might still feel like I have a stronger connection to the opening tones and desperate, isolated feeling you get in the beginning of the song – I’d never take anything away from the inspiring way that this song ends-up, which is equally powerful for sure.  Overall…the structure & movement of the music in “Melancholia” and the precision in tone on the way that Toby keeps that growl just caged-enough shows that control and professionalism I heard in him last time around continuing to grow and evolve.  Easily sounding his most focused, confident and ready to take hold of his moment – Toby Poynter has got himself an incredible tune with “Melancholia,” no doubt about it.

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