Good Spells

Good Spells Interview SBS:  Good Spells!  Welcome to our pages dude.  It’s been stellar getting to know your music over the past couple years, and now we get the opportunity to talk tunes with ya a bit here.  Let’s get everyone on the same page to kick things off.  How do you define what you […]Read More

Marvelous Xe

Interview with Marvelous Xe SBS:  Marvelous Xe!  Welcome to our pages my friend, and thank you so much for taking the time to talk about your tunes with us!  I’ve had a listen, I’ve had a look at those pages of yours as well – and I’m always stoked to learn more, however, I can.  […]Read More


20 Questions With TWOFEW! SBS:  TWOFEW!  We are certainly gettin’ to know ya aren’t we!?!  All in all, I’m tryin’ to put together FIFTY questions-plus for ya here in 2022 and rackin’ my brain as to what I might ask ya next.  We’ll get to all that good stuff as we cruise through this interview […]Read More


Amaru Interview SBS:  My man!  Great to have you back on our pages again Amaru – welcome home!  I tell ya, it’s always inspiring to see how many irons you’ve got in the fire with all that you do & all that you create – and I’ve seen the cover of your latest single “Gentle […]Read More

SBS Podcast 143

An episode absolutely stocked with personality – multiple personalities at that!  Come check out an incredibly fun new interview special on the SBS Podcast this week as we dive into the music of Winchester 7 & The Runners to find out what they’re all about!  We’ll talk to the band directly like you’ve never heard’em […]Read More

The Key Of Green

The Key Of Green Interview SBS:  Alright Charles…alright Evan…just because I might consider y’all family in The Key Of Green doesn’t mean everyone out there knows you as well as I do…yet!  Let’s get an introduction to who ya are, what you’re all about, and how The Key Of Green came to be doin’ what […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 161

Our first interview of 2022 – we’ve got TWOFEW on this episode of SBS Live This Week and a whole lotta fun in-store for ya.  An entire band full of fantastic people and talented musicians, we talk with Michael, Danielle, David, Mike, and John throughout the show, check out where the magic happens right there […]Read More

SBS Podcast 140

We told ya there’d be all kinds of fun in-store for ya on this show right up to the end of 2021 – and here we are to cap it off with a true man of music to put the finale of the year into the SBS Podcast!  None other than artist Todd Underwood takes […]Read More

SBS Podcast 139

Now this here is a moment to remember – and hopefully one of many times we’ll cross paths with artist Alyssa Grace as she conquers and crafts herself a full-on music career.  You don’t wanna miss this episode!  We’ll take ya through some of her history, some of the history we share together from our […]Read More

Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen Interview SBS:  Hey!  My man!  Bruce!  Great to have you back once again brother, you’re practically family at this point!  So before we crack into the music and all that good stuff, let’s get ourselves a general update from ya dude, how you doin’?  What’s new in your world since the last time […]Read More