SBS Podcast 139

Now this here is a moment to remember – and hopefully one of many times we’ll cross paths with artist Alyssa Grace as she conquers and crafts herself a full-on music career.  You don’t wanna miss this episode!  We’ll take ya through some of her history, some of the history we share together from our […]Read More

Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen Interview SBS:  Hey!  My man!  Bruce!  Great to have you back once again brother, you’re practically family at this point!  So before we crack into the music and all that good stuff, let’s get ourselves a general update from ya dude, how you doin’?  What’s new in your world since the last time […]Read More

Lazarus Benson

Lazarus Benson Interview SBS:  Alright brother – stoked to have you with us!  You’ve had a busy year so far Mr. Benson, yessir.  Not that you haven’t had busy years in the past, but 2021 has seemed to have you fired up & ready to rock…you’ve cranked out at least four cuts that I know […]Read More

Jordan Kootenay

Jordan Kootenay Interview SBS:  Alrighty dude…thanks for comin’ on back for another round of Q&A – let’s talk some tunes Jordan.  I suppose the logical place to start this time around, is to point out the fact that last time we talked, your brand-new record Damaged Goods was still coming just around the corner, and […]Read More


GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH – THE INTERVIEW! SBS:  Honestly, I feel like the first question I should be asking is, what the fuck?  How on earth does a person go about ending up with settling on the name GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH for their music? GGOM:  It was just a spur-of-the-moment decision. I was uploading […]Read More

Laine Lonero

Interview With Laine Lonero SBS:  Laine!  Welcome to our pages and thanks so much for your time my friend.  Stoked to talk to you about this brand-new tune of yours called “How Far” too!  I feel like mixin’ it up here a little bit to start…I usually toss something out like the whole ‘who are […]Read More

Jordan Kootenay

Jordan Kootenay Interview SBS:  Alright!  Jordan Kootenay – homegrown talent from right here in Canada, up on our pages – welcome my brethren!  Hopefully that name of yours is still fresh in the people’s minds & the music in their ears from back in January when we first checked out your single “Far & Long […]Read More


J.Smo Interview SBS:  What is UP my homie?  Stoked to have you with us on our pages J.Smo!  We’ve chatted about music in the past more than once – but never your own before – so this is exciting!  We’ll crack into specifics & all that as we move through this interview my brother – […]Read More


Interview with CASSANDRA SBS:  CASSANDRA!  Welcome to our pages my friend.  Welcome to the music-scene in general I suppose eh?  From what I can tell and what I’ve been reading about in my research on ya, you’re just getting this whole career of yours going, with your first single officially having dropped towards the end […]Read More

Spencer Jordan

Interview with Spencer Jordan SBS:  No joke Spencer – you’ve got yourself one seriously spectacular & single-worthy tune in your latest single “Danny Phantom” – honestly, anyone with at least one functioning ear would be able to hear the passion, dedication, and talent you’re bringing to your music…and certainly the highly addictive results.  I don’t […]Read More