Race Against Fate – “Luck”

Race Against Fate – “Luck” / “Luck (Acoustic)” – Singles Review Well here’s a blast from the proverbial past! It’s been more than a minute since we last had Race Against Fate on our pages here…it actually traces back about a couple months shy of four years to the last review in 2017 with the […]Read More

Race Against Fate – “Far From You”

Race Against Fate – “Far From You” – Single Review Over time and experience, when you spend long enough embedded in the music-scene, you begin to become familiar with names you know you can rely on.  The solo project from Ontario-based Vik Kapur of Morning Fame, called Race Against Fate, has always been one of […]Read More

SBS Podcast 028

Slow jammin’! Excellent artists & bands on the show with atmospheric & emotional tunes & ballads for ya this week – sit back, relax & enjoy!   Your official show lineup includes: Man Made Lake – “Lucky” Jean Synodinos – “Real Renegade” åMBe’ – “Little Grain” Bad Reed – “Slackjaw Romance” Yesterdays Promise – “Tomorrow’s […]Read More

Race Against Fate – “Guiding Light”

Race Against Fate – “Guiding Light” – Single Review It’s always a great thing to have the lyrics from Vik Kapur, the solo-artist that writes the material for his project Race Against Fate.  For the most part…I’ve always felt like I’ve had a solid grip on much of what he’s had to say…but he’s thrown […]Read More

Race Against Fate – “A Perfect Canadian”

Race Against Fate – “A Perfect Canadian” – Single Review Hmm! I gotta admit…having listened to everything that’s been made available from Morning Fame’s Vik Kapur’s solo side-project Race Against Fate and his aforementioned full-band as well, this new single threw me for a bit of a loop!  I usually feel like I ‘get’ what’s […]Read More

SBS Podcast 008

Get your dose of weekend tunes from the SBS Podcast and the fantastic talents found out there in the independent music-scene! Keeping the playlist as diverse as ever, Jer @ SBS gets into what makes a song…well…a song(!) and ends up talking about production and how it plays a role in the atmosphere of our […]Read More

Race Against Fate – “Fearlessly”

Race Against Fate – “Fearlessly” – Single Review Some of our best moments creatively come from some of the most tragic events in our lives.  The strength of an emotional connection can lead an artist into some of their most sincere songs…even if they’re only initially written with self-therapy intended, as a way out of […]Read More

Race Against Fate – Singles

Race Against Fate – Singles Review Henry Rollins once described an over-emotional state he was going through as his “White Squall Moment,” which came to him from watching the film White Squall and bursting unexpectedly into tears. Whether he was over-tired, hungry, emotional…whatever it was came spilling out during the minutes of this movie, seemingly out […]Read More