SBS Live This Week 160

It’s about time we released some live tunes to keep ya entertained!  Check out this here shiny new episode of SBS Live This Week – we’ll haul out a set from the vault, back in 2020 before the world shut down & check out Outfielder playing live from The Twenty Seven Club in Ottawa – […]Read More

Don Pasquale Ferone – “Promo Musica Cristiana Italy”

Don Pasquale Ferone – “Promo Musica Cristiana Italy” – Music Video Post From what I’ve read and what I’ve learned about Italian Christian Contemporary artist Don Pasquale Ferone, he’s pretty much always had a connection to music – but he has had quite the different path towards being a musician than most stories you’ll find.  […]Read More

SFP.Band – “Lovin’ You”

Big shiny tunes…a stunning website/label supporting it all…new promo videos coming out left, right, and center…it’s been a very exciting & productive breakout year for Maria Chabo and her music in SFP.Band.  Earlier this year back in October we were introduced to samples of singles called “Yearning” and “Falling” – which not only gave us […]Read More

SFP.Band – “Yearning”

It was just a couple weeks back that we were introduced to the cutting edge sound of SFP.Band in posting up a killer clip from the single/video for “Falling” – and here we are with another hot sample for ya from a new upcoming cut already called “Yearning” for you to dig into!  Surging with […]Read More

SFP.Band – “Falling”

SFP.Band definitely sounds like they’re cookin’ up somethin’ special for ya this year – and it sure looks like it too from the sample we can see from the new single/video for “Falling.”  Led by the musical mind of singer/songwriter Maria Chabo, SFP.Band is a limitless hybrid of styles & sounds – and from this […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 132

Somewhere after his time spent with The Heavy Hearts & touring around Canada as a solo artist, before he officially started up Aztec, which eventually became Little Lightning – Kyle Truelove stopped by the ol’ garage studio early on in our days back in BC to play a set of tunes for us.  Check out […]Read More

OculusOtomica – Leaked Insta-Clips Promo

OculusOtomica – Leaked Insta-Clips Promo Review Alright…as has been explained to me behind the scenes, “OculusOtomica is not a normal band,” so what better way to start out listening to them than by checking out…some…hmmm…fifteen second clips or so?  I don’t know whether to love these guys because they’re clearly going to be fucking incredible […]Read More


Straight from the official desk at PunkPit… Support the new site build for the stand alone website where we will be promoting ALL unsigned Punk Bands For Greater exposure and Punk Gig Promotion! #PunkMusic #PunkRock #PunkRockBowling #NOFX #Descendents #Misfits #Ramones #GreenDay #Blink182 In our words, from our point of view… Community is an important […]Read More

Bishop Steel – 2 Album Release Promo

If you’re one of those fans of blazing 80’s rock – check this promo video out and the links below to head to new a couple of reliable new sources of it & get yourself some Bishop Steel! Contact Battle Cry Records and Mighty Monster Records at the links below for more information! […]Read More

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future Promo

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future Promo – Singles Reviewed When you look at the STAGGERING amount of respect & attention that Cheena Black Monrow & her music receive, it changes the perspective almost. Considering the fact that just about ANY of her singles have a higher hit-count than just about anything we’ve […]Read More