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Support the new site build for the stand alone PunkPit.com website where we will be promoting ALL unsigned Punk Bands For Greater exposure and Punk Gig Promotion!

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In our words, from our point of view…

Community is an important thing!  PunkPit exists to highlight all aspects of the Punk music scene & to bring it all closer together – and we’ve got a ton of respect for that mission.  If you caught us ranting about PunkPit on yesterday’s episode of SBS Live This Week, you’ll know we’re every bit sincere with our words of support regarding this new haven of all-things-Punk – this place has got the right attitude.  PunkPit has the classic Punk sarcasm & humor, but what was also apparent right away from the range of bands & artists they’ve taken time to recognize, is that they’ve also got the knowledge to back it all up.  They know their shit – and that matters when you’re looking to become a reliable resource for an entire genre, podcasting & posting up news, music, vids & all that…fans of Punk in all its forms will certainly appreciate having a dedicated spot and strong presence on the internet that actually ‘gets it.’

Most importantly, you can see from their mission statement up top that they’re ready to support the next generation of Punks out there and stoked to support the unsigned.  The hard-working, grinding & bone-crunching, sweaty & gnarly behemoths & bands of tomorrow…the same ones that need support NOW if they’re ever going to get there – and that’s exactly where a place like PunkPit becomes so much more than just another hangout on the web, it serves a function as a place where true fans of the genre can connect to an entire legacy of music they’re guaranteed to dig without the interference of any BS or any kind of ads for Top-40 crap getting in the way.  PunkPit is a resource for Punk in all forms just as much as it is a place where you can go to hear some unbelievably kickass new tunes.

Ask not what your Punk can do for you, but what you can do for your Punk…

Building an entire community doesn’t just happen overnight yo!  PunkPit has got the right ideals in mind – don’t let that Punk attitude fool you, there’s some serious heart driving this project with the best of intentions, looking to assist the entire scene by shining a spotlight on music that really matters.  So do the right thing…support them through their re-design of their site by pitching in through their page at Patreon, like their Facebook page, and sign-up to donate your first born child to PunkPit below!

Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/punkpit

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thepunkpit

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/thepunkpit

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/thePunkpit

Official site (Coming Soon!):  http://www.punkpit.com

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